The Crown season 3 premiere recap and explained: Olding

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Netflix’s illustrious The Crown returns for its third season. Here, Show Snob recaps and explains the premiere episode.

At the beginning of the third season of The Crown in 1964, Queen Elizabeth II analyzes her renewed stamp portrait candidly. Then she and Prince Philip receive the news that Winston Churchill had another stroke.

They discuss the anti-monorchism of prospective new prime minister Harold Wilson; he may have Russian spy links while the couple worries about his socialism, too. Surveyor of the Queen’s pictures, Anthony Blunt, alludes to the rumor being true.

Next, we see Princess Margaret get annoyed with her photographer husband, Lord Snowdon, for nor attending an affair.

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Churchill has a visit from the Queen; he confirms that Wilson went to Russia years ago. This furthers the suspicion that KGB ‘got to him’. She assures the former leader of Great Britain that he was the country, and her, guardian angel; before he falls asleep.

Snowdon isn’t pleased to see and hear Margaret singing with friends. While Labour are voted into power. Therefore the Queen must now meet Wilson, the new prime minister.

Subsequently, the Queen congratulates the PM and invites him to form a government. He asks, in an honest fashion, if she was disappointed to see a “ruffian” like him become PM. Typically, she politely denies that. Devaluing the pound is not a policy option, says Wilson. Both agree to make the most of their destinies.

Afterward, the Queen talks at a dinner about the contrasting stature of MacMillan in comparison to other ex-leaders. Margaret needs reassurance from the Queen Mother that her relationship with Snowdon is all right. Though he is content with being out and about non-stop. Churchill’s death brings a sadness to the Windsors, who attend his state funeral.

MI5, Britain’s Security Service, is appraised by their American opposite number, the CIA, that there, in fact, is a spy at the helm of the establishment in England. Furnival Jones, director-general of mI5, goes to see the Queen to inform her that there is not a mole in government but at Buckingham Palace: it is art expert, Blunt, a KGB operative.

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Unfortunately for the Queen, she must give a speech honoring Blunt for his distinguished work in art. This is because it was decided that his treachery will be kept secret in order to retain the intelligence agency’s reputation and standing with the CIA.

At the end of The Crown, Prince Philip and the former are unhappy to do be at the exhibition. Philip is blackmailed by the disgrace over the information of his apparent extramarital behavior. Blunt continued in the same role for years after being exposed; the Queen never spoke of him.