Silicon Valley season 6, episode 6 recap: RussFest

Silicon Valley Season 6, Episode 1. Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani, Thomas Middleditch. Photo: Ali Paige Goldstein
Silicon Valley Season 6, Episode 1. Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani, Thomas Middleditch. Photo: Ali Paige Goldstein /

Silicon Valley gives us a hilarious, memorable series penultimate episode.

Silicon Valley is one episode away from the end. How did we get here already?! I’m so sad to have to say goodbye to the show already, but I’m happy that the series has continually delivered in the final season. This week’s episode focuses on RussFest, and boy, is it a whole lot of madness.

The episode kicks off with Pied Piper having a meeting with AT&T in the hopes that they will team up with them and not YaoNet. But the meeting proves useless after Richard learns that AT&T is partnering up with the US division of YaoNet. That’s quite unfortunate considering the Pied Piper employees have been working their asses off–with no pay.

Richard decides to withhold the information for the time being, at least until RussFest is over. They need all their people working on it so he can’t afford for this information to get out. Meanwhile, the preps for RussFest are underway, but it seems like a hot dumpster fire. Russ is all over the place trying to make holograms work while Richard is trying to keep everyone motivated.

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It doesn’t help that Gilfoyle’s A.I., Son of Anton, has been designed by him to debug things on its own. As a result, things are disappearing from the system, like the entire ticketing module. Oh, Gilfoyle, we will miss you on Silicon Valley.

The day of RussFest arrives, and for the time being, things look like they’re okay. That is until the network starts operating very, very slowly. At first, the group believes its the YaoNet folks trying to sabotage them.

But as a confrontation with Laurie Bream reveals, this whole shebang Richard has worked so hard on isn’t optimal for such a large crowd.

It is why YaoNet was there, to begin with, in hopes of figuring out how Pied Piper managed such a feat. It’s unfortunate, according to Laurie, that they just sold the technology to AT&T when it doesn’t even run optimally.

Richard is frustrated and angry and takes it out on his laptop and locks himself away for hours. Meanwhile, RussFest is falling apart at the seams, and it feels very reminiscent of the chaos that was the Fyre Festival. But we all have come to know and understand Richard on Silicon Valley, and if anyone can figure out a solution, it’s him.


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Which is why he essentially reverse engineers his middle-out process, it not only solves the slow latency issues, but it ramps up their efficiency well over 100%. RussFest is back on, and operating at more than full speed. Richard did it! He finally did it!

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The road getting there was bumpy and scary, and even required some cajoling, especially with Jian Yang. But eventually, Pied Piper got to where they always dreamt of being–just in time for the end. What will next week’s series finale bring? I have no freaking idea, but I can’t wait to find out.

Silicon Valley will air its series premiere next Sunday on HBO!