The Crown season 3 episode 4 recap, explained: Bubbikins

Photo: Olivia Colman in The Crown Season 3.. Courtesy of Des Willie / Netflix
Photo: Olivia Colman in The Crown Season 3.. Courtesy of Des Willie / Netflix /

Focus in Season three of The Crown now moves to Princess Alice and the documentary, as Show Snob recaps as well as explains episode four: Bubbikins

Beginning in Athens in 1967, The Crown starts at a poor Greek nunnery. Meanwhile, Prince Philip is on an American television program. He is asked why he isn’t King; in a facetious fashion, he denounces the fact. Additionally, Philip says that the Royals have indulged in money-saving measures, again humorously. He spoke of giving up a yacht as well as polo.

Harold Wilson meets with the Queen; they talk about economic issues. Sadly Philip’s comments of belt-tightening have caused outrage in Parliament and the general public.

Wilson informs the Queen of the fact that monarchists are fading in popularity, unlike his own stance. Although he is conflicted as to the budget required to keep the monarchy. Next, the Royal couple discusses their own spending and upkeep costs; Philip believes the couple deserves paying for their ‘work’.

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Princess Alice, Prince Philip’s mother, now a nun, considers selling a brooch to fund the renewal of her church. Princess Anne is told she’ll receive a notable role in the family. Then the family is filmed for a documentary; firstly meeting the Great British Olympic team.

The Queen and Wilson talk briefly of the filmmaking – she is passionate about the project. A suggestion by her of flying her mother-in-law from a dangerous Athens is thwarted by her husband. He is overruled. Anne will keep an eye on her grandmother, who is distressed to leave her adopted home for another.

In London, Alice is intrigued. Arriving at Buckingham Palace, she is greeted by Anne and the Queen. We learn that Philip is tortured by the memories of being separated from his mother. Princess Margaret opines that filming of the family is banal.

Alice searches for life upon awakening, she speaks with a chauffeur before the film crew approach. Though Philip cancels the interview as he thinks she will embarrass the family when they require favorable popular opinion. He doesn’t think his mother was maternal enough.

Anne and Alice wonder if Buckingham Palace may contribute to the closing convent; the Queen, however, suggests Philip or “Bubbikins” gives funds. The Windsors watch their premiere; they appraise one another’s appearances and ‘performances’. It appears the show was awkward.

Following poor newspaper reviews, the Queen complains to prime minister Wilson; who advises ceasing the program. Assessing that the Royals are not normal, he says the mystique needs to be upheld. Although she opines that transparency is vital, though protocol protects them, too.

Commentators have also upset to Philip; Anne is less than comforting, declaring ‘I told you so’. She is offered as an interviewee to national media due to being down-to-earth. The Guardian’s John Armstrong, a staunch antimonarchist, received the interview.

Armstrong asks Alice some questions after Anne orchestrates their paths crossing, instead of her involvement. Candidly our new character in The Crown, Alice, informs the journalist she is partially death and was treated by an unkind Sigmund Freud at a “mental asylum”.

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Upon reading his mother’s back and forth with Armstrong, Philip confronts her; reciting horrible extracts from her torturous life experiences. Then he offers an apology for hiding her; she also says sorry. Religious faith is important to Alice but Philip’s is dormant so she encourages revitalization. At the end of the episode of The Crown , the Queen requests the documentary be banned.