The Crown season 3 episode 2 recap, explained: Margaretology

Photo: Ben Daniels in The Crown: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Des Willie/Netflix
Photo: Ben Daniels in The Crown: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Des Willie/Netflix /

Welcome to our recap and explanation of The Crown season 3 episode 2: Margaretology. Netflix has outdone themselves once again.

Firstly in The Crown’s latest episode, we learn that Princess Margaret believed herself the more Queen-like of her and sister Princess Elizabeth – since childhood. This opinion carries, respectfully, to adulthood.

Britain unsuccessfully attempts to secure a fiscal rescue package from its oldest ally, the United States of America. Partly due to president Lyndon B. Johnson’s disliking of prime minister Harold Wilson; which arose because the latter didn’t support the Vietnam war.

Wilson requests for the Queen to help keep the two countries’ special relationship afloat by impressing and spoiling the Americans. On her trip to the States, Margaret is favored by the press to the Queen back home, by the so-called ‘Margaretologists’.

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Margaret and Lord Snowdon argue while in New York over one another’s behavior at events and alcohol consumption. In addition, she teases him for being unknown; he retorts that she is self-involved. They reconcile.

President Johnson is exclusively invited to stay at the Queen’s Scottish residence in Balmoral; he rejects because he doesn’t want to learn protocol or be compared to former president JFK.

Lewis Douglas – a banker and congressman – welcomes an ill Margaret to his family’s Arizona ranch. In San Fransisco, she is also welcomed. Whilst over in Britain, Wilson informs the Queen that Margaret has an invitation to the White House.

After persuasion by the Queen, Margaret agrees to help Britain avoid financial instability by pleasing the American establishment. She succeeds by engaging in honesty, drinking, dancing and rude limericks. Much to Johnson’s delight. Although the former is mildly jealous.

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Upon return from her tour, Margaret asks for more duty in a duel role; the Queen declines following advice from Prince Philip. Subsequently, a flashback shows the former being told she would never be Queen.

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