Daybreak season 1, episode 4 recap: MMMMMMM-HMMMMMM

Photo: Daybreak Season 1 Image Courtesy Ursula Coyote/Netflix
Photo: Daybreak Season 1 Image Courtesy Ursula Coyote/Netflix /

Episode 4 of Netflix series Daybreak finally reveals the identity of Baron Triumph and The Witch gets a makeover!

Previously on Daybreak, Angelica Green (Alyvia Alyn Lind) took over as narrator and we learned her twisted backstory. Also, The Witch (Krysta Rodriguez) helped Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) recover with the healing magic of maggots. Episode 4 begins with Wesley Fists (Austin Crute) doing some ninja-style training. In comparison, we see that Josh is a bad swordsman. However, Josh wants to get better so he can kill Baron Triumph, who he believes to be Jayden Hoyles (Rob H. Roy). Angelica made it appear as though Baron killed Sam (Sophie Simnett) in order to get Josh to stay!

Flashback with Baron Triumph

Soo, however, Daybreak switches gears and has Principal Michael Francis Xavier Burr (Matthew Broderick) narrate. We quickly deduce that he is actually Baron Triumph and that Jayden Hoyles drove him to become a cannibal of kids. What gives? In the flashback, the spoiled and snotty Hoyles was on the brink of expulsion. See, Hoyles believed he could get away with anything for being the spokesman for Goblin Flakes from Hoyle-Some Cereal (the episode’s title is his catchphrase, actually). In fact, Hoyles’ parents (Ken Marino and Sarah Minnich) offered a bribe in the form of an educational grant to prevent his expulsion.

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Burr took the Hoyles bribe, feeling the school needed the money. This made Hoyles get even cockier and he misbehaved all he could. Sam, the good samaritan, confronted Burr about Hoyle’s deviant behavior, which included illicit sex in the school’s bathroom. That was exactly what Burr needed to get Hoyles arrested, as it would be difficult to blackmail him anymore. So, in a very roundabout way, this experience is what pushed Burr far over the edge to become a hater of humanity and an eater of children (a proverbial boogeyman).

On Baron’s trail

Wesley Fists is a little more conflicted than Angelica. He regards lying to Josh about Sam as a “pothole in his road to redemption.” So, when he and Josh set out to hunt Baron Triumph, it’s supposed to be a wild goose chase. Things change a bit when they encounter Gary (Mickey Dolan), Barry (Jon LeVert) and Larry (Alan Trong) and the notorious Turbo “Bro Jock” (Cody Kearsley). Initially, Wesley and Turbo are to fight man to man, with no weapons, to the death. However, a Mr. Bearman toy wanders into the street and explodes before they can even start. It’s the handiwork of none other than Baron Triumph! It kills some and knocks others unconscious, including Josh and Wesley.

When Josh wakes up in a cage, it’s to the joyously creepy Goblin Flakes theme. Fortunately, Josh has lock picks hidden in his false finger. Unfortunately, he drops a lock pick and gets discovered. A few Chinese girls help Josh escape, however, even though they don’t understand English well (which is why Baron uses them). Josh quickly locates Hoyles, who is set up to be food for the real Baron Triumph, the cannibal formerly known as Burr. Burr makes some creepy points, such as how
human flesh has more protein than a glass of milk.

Rather than debate him on this, Josh sends some burning embers into Burr’s face, temporarily blinding him. While trying to locate Josh, Burr says he didn’t kill Sam. Josh soon gets to test his sword-fighting skills against Baron Burr. Josh suggests that, somewhere deep within, Burr must still love kids. It leads Burr to say, “Don’t Darth Vader me.” In any case, Baron is buried by cereal grain in a silo (though not killed).

Angelica and The Witch makeover session

Daybreak doesn’t forget about Angelica and The Witch. In fact, their little makeover session is a memorable moment. Angelica starts monitoring The Witch’s odd behavior, camouflaging herself in the trash. She realizes The Witch wants to be more human, especially as she’s seen recreating a retro video game with insects. Also, because the witch only eats insects and animal blood, she feels she’s fighting off the urge to attack people. Angelica soon drops the nature watching pretense and gives the Witch a makeover. This prompts Eli Cardashyan (Gregory Kasyan) to offer his services, as he used to work at his mom’s salon (though Angelica perhaps wisely threatens to zap him if he causes too much trouble)

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When The Witch sees her new look, she says she looks like a crisp autumn morning (though her rotten teeth won’t do her any favors). Eli gives Angelica a makeover, too, and Angelica mentions how her mon was a scientist who didn’t spend enough time at home (while suggesting her mom may be alive). The makeover doesn’t fully take root in The Witch, however. She becomes disheveled again, saying “Let’s be monsters” to Angelica. Later, after Josh thwarted the Baron, a bunch of freed kids is brought into the mall. Also, Wesley frees Turbo and they make out rather than fight. At the very end, we see that Burr is not actually dead. He is in a cage and his back starts bubbling!

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