The Crown season 3 episode 5 recap, explained: Coup

Photo: Ben Daniels in The Crown: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Des Willie/Netflix
Photo: Ben Daniels in The Crown: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Des Willie/Netflix /

Show Snob recaps and explains the fifth installment of The Crown. This episode focuses on a government ousting plot and the Queen’s love of horses.

The Crown season three episode five starts with usually left-wing, labor supporting Daily Mirror calling for prime minister Harold Wilson’s resignation. He and his cabinet discuss how to deflect the criticism. They choose Lord Louis “Dickie” Mountbatten as a fall guy.

Again the Mirror is unimpressed; Mountbatten is seen as a war hero by some. Now he has much time on his hands, Dickie potters around. Next, the  Queen surveys her horses at Newmarket. Apprentice, her prized horse doesn’t win so her friend Porchie convinces her to seek advice from leading French and American trainers on tour. Therefore the Queen Mother will take her Majesty’s role.

Sadly for Britain, Wilson takes the unprecedented step of devaluing the pound. Next, we see Dickie denounce the devaluation to a retired military audience. Cecil King of the Mirror approaches Dickie, telling him he believes his being relieved of duty by Wilson was unfair. They arrange a meeting.

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In Normandy, the Queen arrives at the stables; she enjoys the trip and speaking fluent French. She also learns many new techniques to employ, with a modified operation back home. At their rendezvous, Dickie and Cecil talk about the country’s problems. Subsequently, the latter announces plans for a coup d’état.

Upon hearing the suggestion, Dickie declines; although when he is suggested as a prospective leader, he agrees to another meeting. Public opinion has turned on the government, with protests at Downing Street. In France, The Crown still shows the Queen enjoying picnics as well as equestrian pursuits.

Meanwhile, Dickie explains how a coup works to his fellow plotters; to succeed, he opines that the Queen’s support is a necessity. However, she is most happy breeding and training horses, expressing her occasional dissatisfaction of her normal role and speaks of unhappiness to a friend, Porchie.

When the Queen takes a call, expecting it to be Lord Mountbatten, she is informed by Wilson that a military coup is about to be undertaken; she says she’ll handle the issue.

When the Queen and Dickie undertake a consultation, she accuses him of conspiracy, he admits it and questions her loyalty to Wilson. Subsequently, the former demands democracy be upheld. Helping mold Prince Charles into a good King and visiting his sister, Princess Alice, is what the Queen implores he does.

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Alice and Dickie consider their capacities in life and the Royal family. Amusingly, she laughs at his telling off from the younger Queen. Then they speak of having no true home; he professes his love for England. Prince Philip and the Queen reunite awkwardly at first, but exchange a rare kiss and moment of affection and talk over recent news.

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