V Wars season 1, episode 2 recap: Blood Brothers

Photo: V Wars Season 1 - Image Courtesy Netflix
Photo: V Wars Season 1 - Image Courtesy Netflix /

In episode 2 of Netflix series V Wars, Swann’s under the thumb of the government and Kaylee learns a little more about the murderous Michael Fayne.

Previously on V Wars, things escalated quickly when a vampire virus started to spread. Now Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes) — the “patient zero” vampire — has escaped and is claiming random victims. Meanwhile, Dr. Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder) is in trouble with Police Chief MacErlane (Brian Paul) for allegedly murdering his wife, Jess (Jessica Harmon).

Swann’s son, Desmond (Kyle Breitkopf, is in Child Protective Services, although he knows his father was protecting him from his vampire mom. Soon, the Department of National Security (a fictionalized Department of Homeland Security) takes over, and they take Swann with them. A woman named Claire O’Hagan (Kandyse McClure) meets Dr. Swann, knowing he may have a better handle on the strange vampire killings,

While this is happening, underground journalist Kaylee Vo (Jacky Lai) is investigating the vampire killings. She runs a story on Michael Fayne’s attacks, which she witnessed by sneaking into the hospital where he was being held. Her handy dandy helper, Les (Dylan Trowbridge) has the inside scoop on the Swann murder, helping Kaylee to enter the Swann house (now designated a crime scene).

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After looking around a bit, Kaylee knows that Dr. Swann knows Fayne, which she reports on a page called “Reveleeks” (an obvious nod to the real-life website Wikileaks). Elsewhere, we meet a guy called “Monster” (Ian Matthews) who has been around Michael Fayne’s motorcycle. This means that, like Fayne’s dentist, he is apparently susceptible to the vampire virus, as he exhibits the same super sense symptoms.

More murders in Mohawk Valley

V Wars vampires have yet to sparkle, but they sure do have a body count! For example, Fayne offs a cop (Philippe Poirier) with no more trouble than a dog fetching morning slippers! Still, Dr. Swann doesn’t know why he didn’t change as Michael did. A self-proclaimed scientist named Calix Niklos (Peter Outerbridge) talks with Swann about it. Swann regrets not keeping Fayne in quarantine, although it’s doubtful he could have been kept in anything other than high-security conditions (assuming even those would work). Scientifically speaking, Swann believes a prion in some biomass got into his wife and Fayne, and he emphasizes that neither of them were truly evil — they were sick, having little to no control over their behaviors.

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In any case, Swann and the Department people hammer out initial terms, with access to his son used as leverage (they are reunited, at least briefly). Basically, Swann is being held hostage, although these government people (if that’s who they actually are), know Swann’s work and input may be important in preventing a catastrophe. At the same time, we gain insight into their cynical (if not sinister) potential when Niklos says on the telephone that both Mike and Desmond are “expendable.” On the bright side, we briefly see a bloodied Michael Fayne sit and chat with a blind woman, so he’s apparently not always thirsty for blood (either that or she doesn’t have the right kind of blood for him).

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