The Crown season 3 episode 7 recap, explained: Moondust

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The Crown season three, episode seven focuses on Prince Philip wanting more from life. Additionally, the Moon landing is covered.

Prince Philip’s interest is peaked by the televised build-up to the moon landing, the Queen joins his viewing. She informs him that her own message, recorded on a disc, will be placed up there; he thinks this is a great idea. The Crown credits role.

Philip then generally questions church sermons and their personal vicar; believing them both to be boring. He declares this his last time attending. Consequently, the Queen inspires a search for a new Reverend.

While practicing for polo, Philip feels the strain of increasing age. Then the family assembles for the rocket launch; after the Queen tells a pleased Philip that a new Dean will be appointed. They all watch the travel to the moon gleefully; Philip watches more live footage and explanation alone.

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A confident new priest asks Philip if he can use a vacant Royal building for a priesthood retreat; the latter agrees. Subsequently, Philip orders the awakening of the children and Queen for the moon landing; the adults toast the expected achievement with pre-landing drinks. When landed, they cheer.

Again, Philip observes Neil Armstrong’s step on to the moon solitarily; then he experiences astronomer Patrick Moore’s take on the unprecedented event. To “magnificent desolation”, Philip sheds a tear. Going back to his mundane duties as a Royal family member now seems drab and tedious.

On a routine flight, Philip ascends an airplane into the sky like a rocket for excitement – scaring the pilot half to death. Although they stabilize at a particularly high altitude. These moving times lead the former to ponder existential questions and his own purpose.

The Crown’s new vicar gives sermon but Philip is absent, choosing to jog around the grounds instead. Following this, he aims to take his sports car out but is stopped by his forward spiritualist. Philip is encouraged to meet the priests seeking recovery from their perceived failings.

Unfortunately for the religious men, Philip rudely tells them to essentially suck it up: if they’re downhearted, it is their own doing, he postulates. Therefore they should get up and achieve, as opposed to wallowing. Afterward, the Queen lifts Philip’s mood by informing him that the Windsors can meet the astronauts. However, he is unhappy to hear there is limited time to discuss the adventure.

Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins sit and talk with Philip about their mission after meeting the family. With written, preprepared questions, the Duke attempts to ascertain what it is like to accomplish at such a high level. Along with their thoughts during travel. The astronauts enlighten Philip that they were very focussed and couldn’t do much but adhere to protocol.

Yet Philip is disappointed at the lack of depth to their answers. Subsequent to their questioning, the astronauts take pictures like tourists at Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately, Philip believed them dull and robot-like but the Queen suggests they’re young though excellent professionals. He proclaims them successful pilots yet failures as human beings.

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Once again Philip seeks the advice of his sister Alice, however, she is unavailable so he calls on new Dean Robin Woods and the priests he insulted somewhat. On the question of faith, the former assets his is lost; the desolate moon is a metaphor for his emptiness despite technological advancement. Asking for help from the assembled religious men, Philip says he respects and admires their search for solace. Woods and Philip became lifelong friends.

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