The Crown season 3 episode 8 recap, explained: Dangling Man

Photo: Olivia Colman in The Crown Season 3.. Courtesy of Des Willie / Netflix
Photo: Olivia Colman in The Crown Season 3.. Courtesy of Des Willie / Netflix /

Show Snob recaps and explains the eighth installment of Netflix’s glamorous and revealing drama, The Crown. Camilla Shand enters the series.

At the beginning of The Crown’s eighth episode from season three, the Duke of Windsor is gravely ill. Therefore he will take medicine to make his remaining time more comfortable. His wife, the Duchess, suggests throwing a party; although he wants to receive the Japanese emperor to restore his ruined reputation. Although the emperor is unimpressed with him.

Next, the Queen surveys the news reports of the supposedly successful meeting of honorable men. While The Queen Mother doesn’t like the Duke, Charles has requested to meet with him; it is approved.

Camilla Shand discusses her strange relationship with then-boyfriend, Andrew Parker Bowles, as her date arrives. Parker Bowles seeks his own affair; meeting Princess Anne and then sleeping with her. They agree to continue their fling.

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At a polo event, Prince Charles plays against Parker Bowles, the latter triumphs. Charles believes he underperformed versus his rival. Lord Mountbatten and Charles talk about the Duke; the Prince is fond of him, unlike Mountbatten. Anne’s romance with Parker Bowles is another talking point. Following this, Charles woos Camilla.

Edward Heath attends a formal meeting with the Queen, in order to form a government. Now prime minister, Heath begins by denouncing Harold Wilson as well as making a royal faux pas. But persevere by exchanging pleasantries.

Prince Philip is surprised to learn that Heath requests that the Queen visit France to ensure Britain’s entry into the European economic community. Philip is also opposed to her rendezvous with the poorly Duke.

Our attention turns to Charles’ wining and dining of Camilla; she is in awe of the surrounding Buckingham Palace. Though also asks pressing questions of his status. Or predicament, as he describes it: using a Saul Bellow simile. They share infantile, yet loving characteristics so Charles is smitten.

Duke Edward, known as David to Royals, gives a television interview about his life and choice to abdicate the throne. In addition, he says the Crown feared his individualism. Philip is disgusted; the Queen just watches.

Anne instructs Charles that he nor she can be hurt in their relationships with the parted couple Camilla and Parker Bowles. If anything they must be the stronger.

Before the Queen sees him, the Duke’s health worsens. Because she is in France, the former goes directly to his home for an encounter. Although she seems startled by the King emblem at the mansion.

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At their assembly, formalities are minimal; candid conversing is undertaken: the Queen knows he’s a tease, whilst the Duke admits underestimating her. Furthermore, the Duke gives her letters from Charles outlining the Prince’s love for Camilla: as it affects the Crown. Subsequently, the Duke asks for forgiveness; the Queen, however, thanks him for allowing her succession.

In his correspondence, Charles also expressed gratitude for the Duke’s advice and example of, ironically, integrity. The Duke dies in the company of his beloved Duchess.