Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 3, episode 3 recap: Chapter Twenty-Three: Heavy Is the Crown

Is this the end of Sabrina and Nick’s relationship on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is starting to worry us! After Lucifer was removed from Nick’s body, it seems like he’s just not himself anymore. And no matter what Sabrina does, he’s just not into it. But can we blame him, though? I’m sure every time he looks at Sabrina, he thinks of all the torture he’s endured. And the clubbed foot doesn’t help either.

As much as Sabrina wants to spend the day with Nick, she’s called away to Hell to handle a Caliban issue. It turns out he wants the throne too, and he’s willing to invoke the Unholy Regalia over it. It’s basically three ridiculously impossible challenges, that if won, would make the winner the leader of Hell.

The first challenge involves Herod’s crown, and luckily Ambrose is able to locate it–RIVERDALE! Yes, the crossover we had been waiting for! Well, not in the way you’d think. But it’s exciting, nonetheless.

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Thanks to Ambrose, Sabrina gets a hold of the crown, but before she takes it to Hell, he wants to learn more about the power it holds. Perhaps from it, he can find something to save their Academy. Of course, this sounds like a horrible idea, because if he loses that crown, it’s one less won challenge for Sabrina.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina mixes things up a little bit and takes us to the carnival. I sort of enjoyed this playful, more human element of the episode, at least for a brief moment. Harvey and Roz, Theo and her new boo Robin also joined the carnival date.

But things didn’t stay calm for long as Herod showed up in the Tunnel of Love ride. During the scuffle, Caliban managed to steal the crown thus winning the challenge. NOT COOL DUDE!

This meant Sabrina would need to win the other two challenges to beat Caliban. But there might be bigger problems brewing as we see at the end of the episode. The carnival folks (including Theo’s boyfriend!) met up to figure out a game plan to defeat Sabrina.

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Meanwhile, at the Academy, everyone begins to fall ill, including Zelda. Is it an epidemic? Did someone curse them? We have no freaking idea! And while we’re talking about Zelda (sort of), she wasn’t too happy to learn that Helga had written a book loosely based on her life, and portrays Zelda as a villain.


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