The Sinner season 3 premiere recap: Part I

USA’s “whodunnit” drama series, The Sinner, is back! And this time around we’ve got Matt Bomer in the hot seat.

The Sinner has a certain allure to it that’s frightening yet riveting. And I’m so excited that White Collar’s Matt Bomer is taking the lead this time around. He’s got the perfect demeanor for this “whodunnit” drama series, and adding The Mindy Project’s Chris Messina into the mix makes it all that better.

The season 3 premiere doesn’t waste too much time before diving into the thick of things and introducing us to Bomer’s character, Jamie Burns. In case you’re wondering, Matt Bomer is as handsome as ever.

From the outside looking in, Jamie seems like a successful, content man who teaches at a private school and is married to a beautiful woman who is carrying their child. But there’s something off about Jamie, something that just doesn’t feel right.

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Bomer exudes this unhappiness and discontent in his life in a very jarring way. It’s believable and it gets you in a way that makes you almost empathize with him. That is until we get about halfway through the episode and all hell breaks loose.

While having dinner with his wife, Leela, they get an unexpected guest in the form of Jamie’s college friend, Nick (Chris Messina). Jamie is less than enthusiastic to see his old friend show up randomly, and even asks him to leave. Unfortunately for him, Leela invites Nick for dinner, and things get pretty awkward from there.

The Sinner takes things to its usual dark place after a rough dinner (really rough!). Nick and Jamie decide to head back to Nick’s hotel for a drink, but along the way, something…happens.

A drunk Nick gets hyped up and begins driving faster and faster while Jamie threatens to jump out of the car. You see, Nick is taking him somewhere (we don’t know where or why) and Jamie doesn’t want any part of it.

Nick refuses to listen and so Jamie pulls the emergency brake and causes a major accident that throws Nick out the window. It’s a pretty gruesome sight, and whatever Nick and Jamie’s history is, it leads Jamie to do something very questionable. Let Nick bleed out and die on the spot.

Good idea? I think not, The Sinner fans!

The rest of the episode Jamie sees the ghost? of Nick pop up in random places. The scariest? When he thinks Nick is about to cut Leela’s throat!

We welcome back Detective Harry Ambrose for the third season once again who is on the case of Nick’s death. It’s been established Ambrose is one hell of a detective, so it comes as no surprise that he’s onto Jamie’s shady behavior.

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We all want to know what’s going on with Jamie and what his story is about. What is he hiding? What’s the secret between him and the late Nick?

Tune in to find out!

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