The Stranger season 1, episode 4 recap

Adam begins to get desperate as his search for Corrine turns up some alarming signs. Joanna investigates Heidi’s murder as Katz attempts to cover his tracks on The Stranger.

The Stranger stalks Ed Price, Adam’s father, from his office to his lunch spot. She stands behind him in line and chooses all the same things he does. He’s a pretty observant man and notices right away that she’s copying him. He’s bemused, but not alarmed.

She sits with him at his table and confronts him about a secret child had as a result of one of his many philandering affairs. She seems especially nervous and angry about this one, making me think that she could be the child she’s telling him about. Ed is a tough customer and doesn’t give her an inch. He even seems to get the better of her before she turns over the table and runs away.

But she must have touched a nerve because Ed calls Adam after it all happened. Thomas answers the phone and it’s clear that Ed knows absolutely nothing about his grandsons, not even to tell them apart on the phone.

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Adam confronts Tripp about his phone call with Corrine. He lied to protect Adam as a friend, but he says he was talking to Corrine about the stolen money. Tripp says she was asking for more time and asked him not to tell Adam.

Meanwhile, the boys are able to locate Corrine’s phone using a messaging location app. She’s still in town, so Adam, Thomas, Ryan, and Killane set out to find her when she starts moving. They follow the signal as fast and as accurately as possible, but eventually find her phone left on a high footbridge overlooking a river. The implication that she killed herself is clear and the boys begin to panic. It is so heartbreaking to see them fear for their mother. Adam does his best to reassure them, saying that Corrine would never leave them like that. He hugs them both as they cry and promise they’ll find her.

None of it makes sense, but Killane asks the most important question. If Corrine didn’t commit suicide and isn’t trying to fake her death, then who put the phone on the bridge? And Ryan makes a good point; whatever space Corrine might need from Adam, she would never just ignore her children.

When looking through Corrine’s phone, Adam finds a call made to someone labeled as “That Bitch.” When Adam types the number into his own phone, it’s a woman he once worked very closely with and came dangerously close to having an affair with. He meets up with her and asks about Corrine’s call, but it was just the usual jealous wife stuff. Shortly after that is when Corrine faked her pregnancy. Adam finally decides to report Corrine missing.

Ed shows up at Thomas’s football match and confesses to Adam that he’s had an alarming moment of clarity. He doesn’t tell him about the Stranger, but her revelation made him realize how poor of a husband, father, and grandfather he’s been and he wants to make amends. Adam is surprised but receptive, and even a little bit empathetic given his near-affair.

Katz’s daughter Olivia, who is always mysteriously sick, collapses at the football game and has to be taken to hospital. He rushes to the hospital to see her. Does his daughter’s sickness have something to do with Heidi’s murder?

Joanna hides her connection to Heidi so she can investigate the case. The murder was made to look like a robbery, but too many high-value items were left behind. So why was Heidi killed? Joanna meets with Kimberley, who isn’t exactly forthcoming about the blackmail situation but suggests that she should look into Heidi’s finances.

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Meanwhile, Katz volunteers to review the CCTV footage from the cafe, but in reality, uses the opportunity to wipe the tapes. After a second forensic sweep, some extra evidence is found which somehow links Corrine to the crime scene. When Joanna and Wes turn up on Adam’s doorstep, he thinks that maybe they have some news about Corrine, but they just want to talk to her. They didn’t even know she was missing.

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