Doctor Who season 12, episode 7 recap: Can You Hear Me?

Doctor Who got all kinds of weird with this week’s semi-filler episode.

Doctor Who is nearing the end of its 12th season, and I must admit, I’m bummed. It’ll be hard to say goodbye to what’s been one hell of a season, and of course, Jodie Whittaker has been doing an amazing job being the lead of it.

Having said that, the most recent episode was probably the weakest of the season. I didn’t quite enjoy what was going on, and it felt like a letdown compared to the rest of this stellar season. What made it so mediocre, you ask?

Well, not much was going on in the context of the actual episode. Doctor Who has spoiled us this season with all these episodes full of history and amazing figures. Which is why when we have to deal with immortal gods?, of which one uses his fingers to give people nightmares by inserting said fingers into people’s ears. Yah, weird AF.

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What I do like about the episode is that we take a beat to let the companions go home and visit family and friends. There’s something going with Yaz’ arc but we are kept in the dark for the most part about it.

It has to do with her past and an anniversary she’s celebrating/honoring with her sister. I think Doctor Who kept our attention thanks to Yaz this week, otherwise, I was so not invested.

Going back to the villain of the week, it starts in 1300s Syria where a nightmarish creature wreaks havoc. The Doctor gets a warning after dropping the companions off and heads there to see what’s going on.

After befriending a girl named Tahira there, they end up going to the present to figure out what is going down.

Basically the weird, nightmare-inducing finger man/god is creeping into and feeding off of people’s nightmares so as to help a celestial figure trapped in an orb of sorts. Without rehashing all the details, this lady gets out, entraps everyone, and ends up back in the orb after the Doctor and company figure out a way to keep her in her own nightmare.

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And that was pretty much it. I’m sorry, I really wanted to be excited about Doctor Who this week, but it just didn’t do it for me. However, as we head into the two-part finale, we have Cybermen to look forward to–and that will be amazing.

Doctor Who airs new episodes every Sunday on BBC America at 8 PM EST! 

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