Netflix’s The Stranger season 1, episode 5 recap

As the police catch up with Adam’s side of the case, another mystery is revealed and a deadly secret is uncovered on The Stranger.

The Stranger continues her reign of terror, but chooses to mess with the wrong man. She tries to blackmail a man whose athlete son is taking steroids. He doesn’t take kindly to the threat and assaults her before she’s able to get in her car and drive away. Her friend Ingrid is starting to feel uncertain about what they’re doing.

She brushes off Ingrid’s concerns and goes out to observe Killane at his home. Now what connection does she have with Killane? Later, she finds out that Heidi was murdered, so she and Ingrid go about closing up shop just to be safe.

Adam might have felt a sense of relief when he finally reported Corrine missing, but when he discovers that no one from the police has even been looking for her yet he gets a little overwhelmed. Joanna promises that she will begin looking for her immediately, but first she needs to know why Corrine’s school key fob was found at Heidi’s murder scene.

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Of course Adam doesn’t have an explanation for that any more than he does for anything else involving Corrine. He tells Joanna everything about the Stranger and the blackmail. Katz is listening in and learns about the Stranger and gets her description. We know that Heidi’s death had something to do with Kimberley and the blackmail, but we don’t know how Katz is involved.

Tom tells Mike that Daisy spiked him and she explains it’s because Mike shared nude photos and told everyone it was her sister Ella. Mike swears he didn’t do it, he wasn’t even in school that day. It was Olivia who told Daisy he did it, but why would she lie about something like that and who actually did it?

None of this teenage drama and related mystery is in the book at all. Granted, it does complicate the A plot investigation because we have no idea whether or not any of this is connected to Corrine’s disappearance and the Stranger.

The trio go to Olivia’s house to ask her what’s going on, but when they ask her mom if they can speak to her she says that she’s at the hospital. Except they just saw her sitting by her window. So why is Olivia’s mom lying and what did she mean when she complains about Tom’s mom getting into her business?

They decide to stake out Olivia’s house and wait for her mom to leave so they can talk to her, but then they see Olivia’s mom sneakily throw out a bag of garbage in a neighbor’s bin. When they investigate, they discover that the trash bag is filled with medicine bottles, syringes, and rat poison. Something sinister is definitely going on with Olivia and her mom. Is she the one making Olivia sick?

Killane finds Ingrid’s business address so Adam and Tripp have a stakeout and try to follow her when she leaves the building. But she knows they’re waiting for her and she leads them on a dangerous chase, eventually losing them.

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Back at Killane’s it becomes clear that he and Ed Price have a complicated history together. Ed tries one last time to get Killane to accept his offer before tearing down the houses. The order has gone through and nothing can stop it now, so he may as well benefit from it. But he rejects the offer and has to stand by and watch his house get demolished.

But maybe his motives for saving his house weren’t so pure after all, because as he and Adam watch the demolition, a body is discovered in Killane’s walls. He turns to Adam and tells him he’s sorry. Whose body was uncovered in those walls?

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