Netflix’s The Stranger season 1, episode 7 recap

Adam discovers the Stranger’s identity but still doesn’t understand how she’s connected to Corrine’s disappearance. Katz’s coverup gets found out.

Adam and the Stranger come face to face, but not for long. A chase ensues as the Stranger tries to escape and Adam pursues her. He begs for her help, trying to explain that his wife has gone missing. She looks confused and concerned but slips away before he can find her.

Elsewhere, Thomas is still hiding in the backseat of Katz’s car. Katz totally knows he’s there and suddenly stops the car and points a gun at him. As soon as he realizes it’s just Thomas he apologizes and puts the gun away. Thomas scared him, but he’s not going to hurt him.

Thomas explains that Olivia told him to hide, afraid that it might have been her mother coming to check up on her. Katz doesn’t understand why it should have been a problem if Thomas was visiting as a friend. There’s obviously a lot going on with Olivia’s life at home with her mom that Katz is unaware of. When Thomas tells him that he thinks Olivia is being poisoned, Katz takes that very seriously. He literally leaves Thomas by the side of the road and speeds back to save Olivia.

Dante wakes up and tells his story and it has no connection to anything else that’s been going on. He and Daisy went out into the woods and he took his clothes off to go skinny dipping. Daisy stole his clothes and ran away as a joke. Before he could get back to the rave, he ran into Max, the weird car park attendant, who yelled at him for getting him into trouble. Dante got freaked out and ran away and just tripped and injured himself. So it was just a weird accident and the footage of Corrine on his computer was just because he has an innocent crush. What a red herring!

Ed brings a private investigator to help Adam look for Corrine. When Adam tells the whole story, Ed realizes that he was approached by the same Stranger who told Adam about Corrine’s fake pregnancy. Things are starting to add up, but who is this woman and why does she seem to be targeting this small, related group of people?

Adam tells Ed that he saw her yesterday at the hospital when he went to see Killane, so they decide to go through Killane’s belongings to see if they can make a connection between the two. They find a photo of Killane and the Stranger together when she was a young girl.

The Stranger goes to visit Killane in the hospital and it is revealed that she’s the child he had with his wife. Chrissy is her name and she hasn’t spoken to Killane in years.

Joanna confronts Katz at home about his unusual behavior at work and some of the evidence that isn’t lining up. What does Corrine have to do with Heidi’s murder and why was her expired key fob found at the scene? Wes calls and reveals that CCTV shows Katz in the area of Heidi’s cafe on the night of the murder, which is unfortunately revealed over speakerphone. Katz attacks Joanna and there’s a vicious struggle while Wes rushes to save her.

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