Doctor Who season 12, episode 9 recap: Ascension of the Cybermen

Doctor Who’s two-part season 12 finale kicks off with the return of a huge Cybermen army.

Doctor Who is going all-in with its two-part finale for the season, and we kick off exactly where the season has been leading to–the Cybermen. This particular villain has been a big part of the franchise and one of its most feared (besides the Weeping Angels and Daleks).

The story has been gradually building up to this point, and it’s safe to say, this episode reminds us how crazy things are about to get. We begin the season 12 finale as the Doctor, Yaz, Graham, and Ryan land on a planet that looks worse for wear. It looks like the apocalypse has taken its toll on the planet and left behind just a few people in its wake.

This is all thanks to the Cybermen and when the Doctor and her companions land on this planet, it’s clear their help is needed. Unfortunately, there’s not much they can do once they arrive because all their equipment is destroyed, thanks to the flying Cybermen head drones.

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Talk about creepy and freaky!

Eventually, the group is split apart as Yaz and Graham find their way onto the refugees’ ship and Ryan and the Doctor are left behind in the chaos. Once in space, the refugees’ ship boards a huge carrier that is reminiscent of the Death Star. And it’s no less dangerous as we soon come to learn that this carrier is a huge vessel carrying an entire Cybermen army.

They are dormant for a little bit, but Doctor Who doesn’t waste any time bringing back them to life. Can I just say that it is incredibly jarring and scary to see thousands of them marching around the ship? I fear for whatever mayhem they are going to cause in the finale’s conclusion.

Meanwhile, Ryan and the Doctor board Ashad’s ship (remember the lone Cyberman we saw last week?). They end up making their way to a place where a man known as Ko Sharmus resides. He’s been guarding and looking over a portal, and it’s the key to this mess.

It’s the only place Cybermen can’t go. So, what’s the deal with it? I think we have yet to learn but as the episode comes to a close, a huge reveal shakes us to our core. The Master jumps out of the portal which seems to lead to…Gallifrey. The home of the Time Lords, the home of the Doctor!

And if that’s not crazy enough, throughout this Doctor Who episode we see a young baby that’s adopted by a couple after being abandoned. We see the baby eventually grow into an old man over the years, but it’s what happens to him following retirement is something to take note of.

As he retires and walks out of the police station, he’s greeted by his father and the police officer. But the weird thing is that they haven’t aged–what’s the deal with that? Even weirder? They hook him up to all these wires and wipe his memory away.

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Are we talking about something Cybermen related here? Is he the first Cyberman? Is there a connection with Ashad? Tune in next week to find out!

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