Better Call Saul season 5, episode 2 recap: 50% Off

The shady folk of Better Call Saul take full advantage of Saul’s 50% off non-violent felonies.

Better Call Saul has really made up for the fact that it was on such a long hiatus by giving us a two-night premiere event. The second episode of the event wastes no time showing the people that intend on taking advantage of Saul’s 50% off deal. Just in case you forgot, Saul offered a 50% discount on non-violent felonies in exchange for people buying his burner phones.

With such a great offer on the table, two people, in particular, are super excited about committing non-violent crimes. They’re going to get a discount, so why the heck not?! How this crime spree plays into the entire episode comes into play a little bit later, but I’ll get to that.

Things aren’t so great with Jimmy and Kim after the whole “rip off your client” ordeal. It’s only a matter of time before this relationship comes to an end. While we’ve seen them together on Better Call Saul, Kim is MIA during Breaking Bad. So, they either have broken up by then or Saul never brings up his personal life.

They’re basically at odds with one another until Saul makes a grand gesture. He knows their current living situation is less than ideal so he decides it is time to make a change. I don’t think this will fix anything between them, but it is enough to get Kim to stick around–for now.

Now, back to the duo that is out committing crimes. They eventually slow things down and decide to do some meth during their break. It turns out the place they get their meth from has backed themselves into a corner.

This drug operation throws bags of meth down a pipe but things take a turn when the pipe is clogged and backed up.

Krazy 8 is called in to do something about this whole debacle but in the meantime, the cops show up. If the cops actually make their way into the drug den, they’ll find thousands and thousands of dollars worth of product. Nacho decides to step in and save the day, which gives him the incentive to try and impress Lalo.

I’m not sure how Nacho pulls it off but with some crazy acrobatic movements, he manages to get the drugs out before getting caught by the police. Whatever he did works as Lalo sits down with Nacho to discuss what will happen with Krazy 8. If you ever need to impress someone, get their drugs out of the police’s way?

Meanwhile, Saul continues to descend further into his antics. He’s getting more and more clients and raking up the plea bargains. Suzanne, the DA, is onto whatever Saul is doing, but Saul has everything planned to a tee. He strategically plans for them to be in the elevator at the same time, and then has it stopped so they could get stuck together.

Better Call Saul has done a phenomenal job building Saul’s character, and it’s in this episode we see how far he’s come in terms of being greedy. He manages to work out 13 deals with the DA while being stuck in the elevator with her, just as he was hoping.

It would appear that Saul is on top of the world with all the recent success, but not for long. Around the corner, danger is waiting as Nacho watches him from a distance. We know where this relationship will eventually lead, and knowing that gives me all the goosebumps in the world.

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