Better Call Saul season 4 finale recap: ‘Winner’


The Better Call Saul season 4 finale ends on a gripping note as Jimmy bids farewell to himself and says hello to Saul Goodman.

Better Call Saul had one hell of a season and gave us its best season yet–seriously. There were so many Breaking Bad connections, character development, and so much substance to Jimmy’s story that it surpassed all the expectations we had for it.

The final moments of the season 4 finale of Better Call Saul left no room for questioning whether or not Jimmy has officially crossed over into the person we all know very well–Saul Goodman. As Jimmy fought hard to get his law license back after being rejected the year before, Kim assisted him in making it happen.

Jimmy opened a library in Chuck’s name, joined the scholarship board in Chuck’s name, and made sure to be at Chuck’s grave on the year anniversary so people would see him mourning, all to ensure that he has done his utmost best to secure a good name in other people’s eyes.

The episode began with a throwback to when Jimmy was sworn in as a lawyer, with Chuck fully supporting him. At a celebration later on in the night, there is a moment where you can truly grasp how disconnected the two brothers are. Jimmy asks Chuck to join him during karaoke and when he overshadows him with his powerful voice, it’s just a bitter reminder that Chuck really does excel in everything over Jimmy.

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Mike had an interesting journey this episode as he tried to find Werner the escapee who is trying to meet up with his wife that is flying in from Germany. While Mike wants nothing more than to just bring Werner back to finish the work he started, Gus is simply not having it. After a wild goose chase that involves tracking Werner to a money wiring service and then to a resort where he is meant to meet his wife, Mike finally locates him.

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However, there is just one little problem. Lalo has been following Mike and ends up locating Werner as well and places a call to speak to him. Before he can get too much out of Werner, Mike shows up and hangs up the phone. It appears Lalo was trying to pretend to be one of Gus’ men in order to get information out of Werner.

Upon learning that Mike now has Werner, in very few words Gus conveys that Mike is to get rid of Werner for doing what he did. A heartbreaking phone call and a walk to the edge of the cliff later, Mike shoots Werner dead.

By the time the hearing day arrives on Better Call Saul, Jimmy and Kim have planted the seeds they hope will result in Jimmy’s reinstatement. Instead of a personal statement, Jimmy begins reading Chuck’s letter and stops midway to give a heartfelt speech about his brother and his career.

Everyone is touched by what Jimmy had to say and it all but guarantees that he has got this in the bag. As he walks out of the court with Kim, the two begin celebrating. That is until Jimmy starts making fun of everyone on the panel for being so emotional over his speech. This catches Kim off guard who is happy for Jimmy but realizes how far gone he has become.

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When a clerk comes out to tell Jimmy there is good news regarding his reinstatement, he immediately asks to file a DBA because he does not plan on using the McGill name at all. And as Jimmy cheerily walks away, Kim calls out in disbelief over his decision only for Jimmy to turn around and say…

“S’all good man.”