Lost in Space season 2, episode 6 recap: Severed

In episode 6 of Netflix series Lost in Space, Don West saves Penny, Dr. Smith, Vijay, and Mr. Jackson. Also, Will finds his robot, but not where he left it.

Previously on Lost in Space, Judy Robinson (Taylor Russell) ran against the clock (and against aliens) to save stepfather John (Toby Stephens), while contemplating their history. Also, Penny Robinson (Mina Sundwall) got stuck in the trash compactor, trying to find thrown away secrets from June Harris / Dr. Smith (Parker Posey). If that’s not enough, the Resolute was being degraded by the same metal-eating parasite that endangered John’s life.

As this drama still unfolds, Andre (Adam Bogen) asks Don West (Ignacio Serricchio) to find some Cuban cigars. Interestingly, Don’s smuggling knowhow is put to good use as the episode progresses. Separately. Will (Maxwell Jenkins) and Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker) are accompanied by Ben (JJ Feild) in their quest to find Will’s robot (Brian Steele). We’ll first focus on the situation on the Resolute.

The Resolute

The Resolute spacecraft has felt surprisingly homey in Lost in Space, but it’s becoming less welcoming by the minute. Penny, June Vijay (Ajay Friese), and Mr. Jackson (Rob LaBelle) are awkwardly cordoned off from the rest of the Resolute, lest their section is corroded by the metal-virus. As Angela (Sibongile Mlambo) and others work to stop the virus, June pressures Penny to save them.

As June puts it: “You may not be the best Robinson, but we’re the only Robinson we’ve got.” Fortunately, they can communicate with Don West, who has a plan. He urges them to get inside of a sample box, which is airtight and temperature controlled. Don is to retrieve them with a Jupiter cruiser.

In the process of laying out this plan, West admits he used the crates as a smuggler (which puts himself in eventual trouble). There’s another problem, too: Only three people fit in the box! In a cynical moment of reverse psychology, June offers to stay behind, knowing it will prompt Jackson into bravery.

However, Penny interjects, “Either we all go, or nobody goes.” She also decides to remove the crate’s temperature regulator to make room for Jackson. Unfortunately, Jackson is claustrophobic, so he’s initially afraid of entering the crate.

In a surprising turn, Penny challenges June to be the best “Dr. Smith” she can be by convincing Jackson to join them. It’s a solid example of Penny being a useful character on Lost in Space, after previously lamenting her lack of purpose in the Robinson family.

Ultimately, they are successfully severed from the Resolute. Don safely rescues them before they die out in space — they are very cold but alive! Upon his arrest for smuggling goods, authorities say they’ll take his heroism into consideration when meting out a sentence.

Will the real robot please stand up?

After expressing gladness that the Robinsons left the earth, Will is nevertheless sad about his missing robot. Will, Ben, and Maureen enter an environment surrounded by caves. At first, it seems like they’ll be killed by some alien creatures (or native creatures, technically), but the robot actually shows up to scare the fearsome beasts away. The robot then leads them to a cave full of what appear to be its own drawings.

Will realizes that it’s actually been drawing some of his memories — further demonstrating their psychic link. On that note, Will reveals that this robot is not his, but SAR, or the Second Alien Robot. It’s getting pretty hostile, too.

For better or worse, Ben quickly destroys SAR with a special weapon. Interestingly, they momentarily lose track of Will, who falls through the cave roof, only toe saved by the real robot.

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