9-1-1 season 3, episode 11 recap: Seize the Day

9-1-1 is back and with it–some hope for the future!

9-1-1 wasted no time getting back into the swing of things. But what I loved about the midseason premiere is that it managed to reflect on major character developments that we’ve seen over the course of three seasons. I’m not sure how they pulled it off within a 45-minute episode, but they did, and it was glorious!

Let’s start with Athena/Bobby/Michael’s family first. As you may recall, Michael has cancer, and while he has been doing radiation therapy, his doctors now feel that surgery is the next best step. At first, that is what he decides to do, but as he talks to the kids and realizes what it would mean for the future, Michael decided against it.

He wants to make the best of time, and he won’t be able to do that if he undergoes surgery. I think this may end up having more disastrous consequences as we trudge forward in 9-1-1. Something tells me Athena will definitely have something to say about this and will try her best to persuade Michael otherwise.

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I was very excited to hear that things are finally turning around for Buck. He’s been through the wringer since 9-1-1 first premiered! However, his doctor officially gave him a clean bill of health–hopefully, he won’t be having to see him again. Of course, going out on calls that require you to pull a man that is hanging off of a plane unconscious may change that. But you know, seize the day.

Hen and Karen made some big strides towards becoming foster parents as they prepared everyone for any character witness statements they may have to make. By the end of the episode, it was lovely to see the two of them with their foster child.

One thing I’ve always adored about them as a couple is an incredible love they have to give to one another and the kid they already had. The foster child will surely have a safe and loving home with them!

The bulk of this 9-1-1 episode is about Chimney, and his half-brother, Albert’s surprise visit. Chimney had never actually met this half-brother before, and he wasn’t too excited to have him sticking around. Of course, it made matters worse that Albert got along amazingly with everyone at the station.

After his uncalled for outburst, Chimney realized he and Albert have way more in common than he realizes. They both share a father that is never happy with what they accomplish, no matter how great they are at it. Chimney decides to let Albert stick around, and tops it all off by introducing Maddie to the parents that raised him.

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As I said, you can see how much each character has grown, and this episode brings that together beautifully. It will certainly go off the track as we go into the back half of the season (this is 9-1-1 we are talking about), but I’m happy to see everyone is settled into their lives for now.

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