On My Block season 3 finale recap: Chapter Twenty Eight

That’s one way to end the season, On My Block.

On My Block ended its third season on a very interesting and bittersweet cliffhanger. I’m still trying to process what exactly went down and how we got to that point. And hopefully, a fourth season could answer these burning questions we have.

But before we talk about the end of the finale, let’s rehash what went down. The episode opens to the group heading into the woods. It’s a looming fear that Oscar is dead, and that is whose body they are eventually going to find. But, come on, did any of you actually believe he was dead? I guess it is On My Block, so we shouldn’t count something like that out. But I definitely didn’t believe it.

During their search, it’s clear that the core four is drifting apart and has a lot more issues than they choose to talk about. They’ve carried some grudges along the way, and it all comes to a head when things get heated in the woods.

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Side note: My heart broke after Ruby rejected Jasmine in an attempt to push her away and protect her. Sigh. Why, oh, why!?

The plot thickens once the group eventually makes it to the site where Oscar’s body is presumed to be. But it’s not Oscar’s body that they find (surprise, surprise)–it’s Cuchillos! What a plot twist, folks.

I’m glad that they had someone else kill Cuchillos because I don’t think this group could have made it through another traumatic event. And as for where Oscar is, don’t worry–Abuela is taking care of all his wounds and deep gashes.

Given what the group was ready to do, it’s frightening to them that they were willing to go to extreme lengths to take Cuchillos down. And they were going to do that themselves. I’m sure they didn’t imagine making it to this point, but desperate times for desperate measures.

Coming back from what just happened, the group seems to be falling apart at the seams. Jamal and Ruby are in their own world and Monse and Cesar in another. After the harsh treatment he gave Jasmine, Ruby apologizes to Jasmine for his behavior. I think we officially say–new couple alert?

Meanwhile, Jamal goes back to Kendra and decides to give their weird relationship another try. I’m not sure how this relationship will work exactly, but for now, they’re finding a way to navigate through it.

And then there’s Monse and Cesar. On My Block has shown that this season has been a tumultuous one for their relationship. They’re not the best for one another, and there’s never a moment of peace or happiness. But with everything that has happened, Monse doesn’t want to go off to school. She wants to stay with her friends, family, and Cesar and feels she is the only reason they will all stay together. How true that statement would turn out to be is an understatement in itself.

The goodbye scene really broke my heart as Monse bid farewell to each of her friends and Cesar. I feel like it’s a scene we’ve seen many times before, but this time, things felt different. And boy, was it ever.

Monse drives off with her dad toward school, reminding the group to stay friends and stay in touch. And then comes a two-year flash-forward, where Monse’s request seems to have been ignored by everyone, including her.

We catch up with Monse, who is busy with her school friends, who have now replaced her Freeridge friends. Did you notice the picture of them in the back? Sigh, that made me sad. Jamal is flourishing as a football player on the school team, but it looks like he’s become too cool to spend time with Ruby or Jasmine (who are now an official couple!). Also, Ruby was sporting a Misfits shirts, and I was totally here for it. But it hurt my heart to see the awkward, strange glances Ruby and Jamal gave each other as Ruby and Jasmine walked by Jamal and his football friends.

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I’m happy to report that Oscar made it out of the world of crime and not only settled down but is about to be a father! Oh, thank goodness for that! On My Block gave us something to be excited about, at least.

But don’t get too excited folks, because the season ends on a jarring cliffhanger. Cesar as the leader of the Santos, wreaking havoc on the streets of Freeridge.

So, what, now?

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