Better Call Saul season 5, episode 6 recap: Wexler v. Goodman

The Mesa Verde case takes a turn for the worst as our resident Better Call Saul couple butts heads.

Better Call Saul teased fans with a question that has long been haunting us–why isn’t Kim in Breaking Bad? Was she still in Saul’s life, and we just didn’t know it? Or does something happen in the timeline of Better Call Saul that pulls them apart?

In this week’s episode, “Wexler v. Goodman,” it momentarily feels we’re building up to an answer to this question. But these guys love to torture us, and we didn’t quite get the moment we were hoping for. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Saul and Kim have been on opposite sides of this case. At first, they were conspiring together, but it’s definitely turned into more of Saul’s thing now.

He has his bootleg production team working with a green screen in the nail salon. What is he up to? Well, it definitely involves the Mesa Verde case and the old commercial they were watching. I’ll explain in just a moment what that was all about.

When Kimmy shows up at the salon, she wants Saul to call the whole thing off. Her boss knows she’s up to something fishy, and any more shady behavior is just going to make things worse. He shuts things down–for now.

There was an arc for Mike/Nacho/Lalo in this week’s episode, but honestly, the Saul and Kim stuff was too good that the other stuff didn’t really compare. Basically, Nacho is willing to go to any lengths to make Gus Fring and his business suffer. But with Mike now by Gus’ side, it will be awfully hard to pull that off.

But, okay, back to the competing lovers. A meeting is arranged to settle the Mesa Verde case, but our dear Better Call Saul sneaky lawyer has other plans. He didn’t consult with Kimmy, and instead, he increases the amount he’s asking for the payout–from $45,000 to $4 million. And yes, Kim was pissed.

Before they know it, Saul puts on a DVD, and it becomes obvious what he was working on in the salon. It was a video with clients complaining about Mesa Verde and how they have wronged them. It’s a hilarious video, but naturally, the Mesa Verde folks and Kim are not having it. I wasn’t sure if Kimmy was in on it, but it becomes clear that she was not.

Later that night, Kimmy is in an uproar once she gets home. And this is the moment that Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad fans think we’ll finally make sense of where Kim is in the latter show. But sorry guys, Kim’s outburst presents Saul with two options–part ways…or get married?

Wait, what?

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