Ozark season 3 premiere recap: Wartime

Ozark kicks off season 3 without missing a beat–crazy, unprecedented, and wild.

Ozark is off to a frightening start as the third season opens to a violent scene in Mexico. How’d we end up in Mexico? I have no idea, but I’m sure there will be some explanation for this as we get further into the season.

We see a man violently murder a cashier, strap a bunch of explosives onto a group of men in the back, and walk out of the building as it blows up–throwing money everywhere. The public is ecstatic to grab all the cash flying around in the air but little do they know there is another explosive nearby that is about to take their lives.

And just like that, Ozark season 3 is off to a wild start.

When we catch up with the gang, we first see what Ruth is up to. She’s in her element operating the casino and trying to keep a lockdown on casino activities. But Marty has another plan in mind–stay laser-focused on the high rollers.

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Speaking of Marty, the Byrdes remain as dysfunctional as ever, but somehow it just works and has become the norm. Jonah is making money virtually by mining gold, well fake gold. I don’t think his parents realize the detrimental effect their lives have had on their kids. I mean, I know they want him to get a job and all, but can he actually just be a normal kid?

I was very intrigued by Wendy in the Ozark season 3 premiere as she is really starting to evolve into something…more dangerous.

She’s expanding the business in her mind which is why she pitches Marty on the idea to talk to Helen about getting more casinos and businesses. If they can keep these multiple businesses operating legally, it’ll cast a shadow of safety over them, so to speak.

But Wendy is thinking bigger than one might think. Navarro, a very dangerous cartel man, is who she has set her sights on. He can put a share towards this business which they can put into a trust. If things don’t end up working out in their favor, at least he’ll have that, right?

It’s interesting to see the power struggle between Wendy and Marty in Ozark season 3. Marty is trying to play it as safe as possible while Wendy wants to go all-in. She’s ready to have a full-blown empire, and I think she’s missing the bigger picture here. What if they get caught? Isn’t getting involved with Navarro a bit too risky?

While we ponder Wendy’s state of mind, let’s not forget to talk about Wyatt. He’s been detached from Ruth and squatting in someone’s house. She’s been trying to send him money but he won’t take it, and it’s not until he gets caught for squatting that he calls his dear relative. We all know Ruth’s feisty nature and she is quick to tell him to use the money she’s been sending him.

With Ruth gone, Wyatt is rescued by an unexpected person–Darlene. I did not see that one coming, and something tells me things are going to get very weird between the two.

Speaking of weird, Marty and Wendy are seeing a therapist, but as it turns out, Marty is paying the therapist to favor him. It’s all just a ruse and another way to trick Wendy, which I have to admit is a bit much even for Marty.

Boss lady Helen shows up to talk to Wendy and Marty during “Wartime” and while Marty insists they need to lay low, Wendy is still not having it. So when Marty isn’t around, she proposes her idea to Helen. This turns into a meeting with Navarro where he seems rather interested but is still uncertain on the deal.

Marty is completely unaware of all of this and why should he be? He’s hosting a big poker game at the casino to run the dirty money through. This season proves a big obstacle for Marty, however. After the agent’s death last season, more eyes are on them and before every big game, etc. in the casino, an agent has to ensure things are running legally.

The agent that shows up just so happened to be the ex of the agent that died, so he is rather laser-focused on getting to the bottom of the shady happenings at the casino. He even offers Marty a deal to get out of the mess, especially with the cartel war getting started.

Ruth gets in a scuffle with Frank Jr. as the episode comes to a close, which will definitely present some issues for them as we get more into this season of Ozark. Side note: How amazing is Julia Garner? I love her as Ruth–she shines more than anyone else and deserves every award out there for her role.

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Remember how I said this season is going to show us a completely different side of Wendy? Well, if the final moments of this episode weren’t an indication of that, I don’t know what would be. She drops by their old home, walks around in it, and then looks at the family’s portrait up on the wall–and turns it upside down.

Is this an indication that she is ready to turn things on their head and take on a completely different life? I would say that’s a safe bet, folks.

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