Better Call Saul season 5, episode 7 recap: JMM

Better Call Saul celebrates the rather rushed nuptials of two characters.

Better Call Saul got right into the question that was on everyone’s minds after last week’s episode–are Jimmy and Kimmy really getting married? That would be a resounding HECK YES they are. In fact, the episode opened up to them making it official and becoming husband and wife.

Wild, isn’t it? If you thought it was out of love, then well, you might be sort of wrong. According to Jimmy, this is a legal arrangement between Jimmy and Kim so they don’t have to testify against each other in court–if things ever pan out that way. Clever, I must say.

Following the marriage ceremony, they are both off to their individual lives. Kimmy has a lot to fix with the whole Mesa Verde debacle, and she comes out shining. Maybe Jimmy is rubbing off on her but she manages to get her way and keep the account. Way to go, girl!

Meanwhile, Jimmy has a client named Jorge Guzman to take care of. You may know him as Lalo Salamanca. Jorge wants to be out on bail, and if Jimmy can make things work in Jorge’s favor, well, he’s basically going to be set for life. But it almost means Better Call Saul is bringing us even closer to the moment Jimmy becomes involved with the cartel.

It was nice to see that when Jimmy gets home, he actually tells Kimmy about his day. That was the promise he made, and I’m glad he’s living up to it. Also, have we ever seen a sex scene on Better Call Saul before? Because I wasn’t expecting that.

Speaking of unexpected, Gus Fring takes matters into his own hands while we get a tiny piece of information about his life in Chile, which we know nothing about. He’s quick to reassure Schuler that the meth lab will be built according to plan and they will not get caught. It’s a bold promise, but one that we know he lives up to.

If we know Gus Fring we know he is never going to waver in his pursuits. This is why, with Nacho’s help, he burns Los Pollos Hermanos down to the ground. The scene took me back to Breaking Bad to the moment Gus Fring lost his life.

Lalo’s case takes a weird turn as Jimmy works hard to get him out, but hopes that the bail is set too high for this to happen. But let’s not forget, Lalo is associated with the cartel, and a bail of $7 million is chump change for them, apparently.

The charges against Lalo prove to be rather conflicting for Jimmy who doesn’t necessarily want to hurt the family who lost a family member because of him. I appreciated that Better Call Saul reminded us that despite his horrible manner of doing things, there is a caring person somewhere in there.

Before the episode ends, Howard Hamlin shows up at the courthouse while Jimmy is there and it results in a shouting match between them. The shouting is mainly coming from Jimmy who is angered after Howard calls him out on destroying his car and sending prostitutes to a business dinner. It’s clear Jimmy has a lot of resentment for Howard and blames him for Chuck’s death.

The fight doesn’t lead him anywhere, but it may have been therapeutic for Jimmy regardless.

Things are unfolding at a faster and faster pace, and I think we’ve reached the point of no return.

We are rapidly approaching the Breaking Bad storyline and it’s all starting to come together as Saul falls deeper and deeper into the proverbial rabbit hole.