Ozark season 3, episode 7 recap: In Case of Emergency

Ruth’s life hangs in the balance as Ozark takes a dark turn in the back-half of the season.

Ozark got a bit crazy in this episode, folks. But it starts off with Ruth being interrogated for that crazy encounter at the end of the last episode. The cops want to know what went down with Frank’s men and the only one fit to present her is, you guessed it, Helen.

And while that interrogation is going on, Marty goes to meet up with Frank, who is more than livid over losing so many of his men. Not sure what the heck is going on, but Frank is looking to seek revenge and I’m not sure how long Marty can hold him off.

Ruth’s interrogation isn’t going all that well because the agents are making some solid points. What’s the deal with Marty and Ruth? Why does she want to protect him so much? And why didn’t Ruth check in with her father’s murder investigation?

It looks like it might be high time that Ruth get out of town, and Ben is hoping to be the guy to make that happen for her. But if we have learned anything about Ruth from our time with her on Ozark, it is that she isn’t one to run away.

And while we’re talking about Ben, can we discuss that he is a hop, skip, and jump away from completely losing it? He is so going to blow this operation and the fact that he’s frantically trying to pack and make an escape to Canada is just one example of that.

This episode of Ozark completely broke my heart, and for those of you know who what I’m referring to, I know you’ll agree. The animosity between Ruth and Frank Jr. has been gradually increasing and with each passing moment, it’s only gotten worse.

So, when this anger does reach its breaking point, it results in Frank Jr. physically assaulting Ruth to a pulp. It’s gruesome, horrifying, and filled me with so much anger.

But don’t worry, folks, Ruth makes it out alive. She’s in a hospital bed, yes, but she’s alive and well. But to say she is angry is an understatement. Ruth is eager to kill Frank Jr. for what he did to her, but Marty and Ruth are reluctant to make that happen. It’s almost as if they want her to let this go for the sake of their business–which is awful.

I’m not sure about what the future holds, but based on how things are going–the Byrdes are going to be in a lot of trouble. It would be in their best interest to figure things out, otherwise, disaster lies ahead.

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