Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 6 recap: 4 key moments

Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 6, “All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues“ Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe
Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 6, “All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues“ Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe /

Harley Quinn Season 2’s “All the Best Inmates have Daddy Issues,” gives us the origins of Harley and Joker’s relationship. Here are some key moments!

Harley Quinn Season 2’s episode, “All the Best Inmates have Daddy Issues” has us exploring the question “can a person really change?” Poison Ivy argues no, while Harley Quinn amps up to tell an episode-length story as to why she must disagree.

A familiar face returns on the scene and we discover the origin story of Two-Face’s name. Here are some key takeaway moments from Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 6 “All the Best Inmates have Daddy Issues.”

Is the Joker back?

While throwing back some drinks with Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn takes notice of the bartender — only to realize that the man serving up drinks is no other than the Joker; one who’s lacking the clown persona.

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Poison Ivy begs to differ, stating that the person behind the counter is just an unremarkable white man. This launches Harley into an array of conspiracy theories, and shares that after the tower fell, Joker’s body was never found. After a second glance, Poison realizes that the unremarkable white man is, in fact, the Joker.

The duo attempts to leave the bar unnoticed, however, crawling on the floor towards the exit is probably not the way to do it.

Bartender-Joker ends up tripping over Harley Quinn, and it’s then discovered that Joker has a girlfriend with two children that he absolutely adores. This launches us into the main takeaway of this episode: if a person can truly change.

It’s at this point where Harley Quinn shares an anecdote as to her stance on the situation.

Harley Quinn meets the Joker

It’s flashback time and we find ourselves entering Arkham Asylum for Doctor Harleen Quinzel’s first day on the job. Joker has planted bombs somewhere in Gotham and Commissioner Gordon wants Harleen to figure out where.

After making her way behind the glass to talk to her newest patient, Harleen informs Joker that others may be afraid of him, however, she is not. This launches the two into a fight scene that shows off Harley’s impressive gymnastic moves. Amazed, Joker tells her that she’s welcomed back anytime.

Harley Quinn Season 2
Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 6, “All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues“ Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe /

Gordon is ready to fire Harleen for her reckless behavior. However, in true Harley fashion, she refuses to give up. Confident that she’ll be able to locate the bombs, Harleen asks for one more shot with the Joker. This leads her to Poison Ivy’s cell.

Poison Ivy was in group therapy with Joker, so Harleen asks her for any information that may help in her Joker mission. Fortunately, the plant-loving villain decides to help, giving her enough to get Joker to talk. This is when we get the Harley Quinn Joker origin story — or so we think.

The Clown Prince of Crime dives into an emotional story about how he witnessed his father having an affair with the maid. Angered by being caught, his father took away his pet ferret, Mr. Ferris, and then proceeded to beat him.

After spinning this tale, Joker states that he’ll fess up about the bombs if she helps him get out of isolation so that he can have lunch with everyone else. She agrees, and he finally shares that the bombs are in Little Italy.

With his facial expressions and laughing outbursts, we definitely know that Joker’s up to something. Gordon, Batman and the GCPD rush off to Little Italy, only to discover that no bomb has been planted there. Instead, it’s inside of Chef Luigi.

When the bomb goes off, Joker uses this as a distraction and takes off with Harleen. He tells her that he gave her the story she wanted and now he’s about to make her a star.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy’s rocky start

What seems to start off as a Joker and Harley origin story quickly becomes a tale about Harley and Poison’s relationship. In the flashback, we first meet Poison inside of Arkham Asylum. Harleen witnesses Harvey Dent burning her future-best friend and calls out the injustice of the system.

Afterward, Harleen heads to Poison’s cell where she attempts to apologize, but Poison Ivy responds by spitting on her and calling her a narc. Not the best start to a beautiful friendship.

Later, Harleen returns to Poison’s cell so that she can thank her for providing the information that she used on the Joker. Harleen hands her a plant, and tells her that, “everyone needs a friend.” As soon as she steps away, Poison is shown blooming the plant with an appreciative smile on her face.

As Joker’s lugging Harleen around, we see Harvey Dent telling a sniper to take the shot, even if that meets Harleen gets caught in the crossfire; proving that he cares more about winning an election than human life. Upon finding this out, Harleen calls Dent “Two-Face,” showing that she’s the one who coined his future name.

Before the sniper is able to take the shot, Poison Ivy arrives to save Harleen. Then, when the cops show up, Poison Ivy pretends as if she was holding Harleen hostage, shouting that she surrenders. We are then brought back into present-day where Harley tells Poison Ivy, “you saved me, a human. I changed you which proves your core can change.”

We’re treated to a heartbreaking ending of the conversation where Poison Ivy informs Harley that the origin story Joker told her in Arkham was actually Poison’s story. Mr. Ferris was not a ferret, but instead, a ficus plant.

The one where the gang gets arrested

Before leaving the bar, Harley and Poison call in Doctor Psycho; in hopes, that breaking into bartender-Joker’s mind will tell them if he’s really a changed man. There are absolutely zero memories of life as the villainous Joker, and instead, his mind is chocked full of memories with his girlfriend and her children.

However, after the two head out, Joker receives a picture-text of the children that makes him break out into his iconic laugh. Did going into his mind trigger something?

Harley Quinn Season 2
Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 6, “All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues“ Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television Distribution/DC Universe /

That’s not the conclusion of Harley Quinn Season 2’s “All the Best Inmates have Daddy Issues.” We’re treated to a cliffhanger the moment the duo exits the bar. Two-Face arrives announcing that he’s the DA again and that they are under arrest.

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