Elisabeth Moss to become the Candy Killer in a limited series

Elisabeth Moss set to take on the killer role of Candy Montgomery

The next big project for The Handmaid’s Tale star Elisabeth Moss is a new limited series called Candy, based on the real-life murderer Candy Montgomery and her victim Betty Gore.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Candy Montgomery’s story is a compelling one that hasn’t been told as often as some other true crime stories on television. Taking place in 1980 Texas, it would seem Candy had everything one could want in life — a great husband, a perfect nuclear family in a suburban home, and even a nice house.

But then one day Candy brutally murders a friend of hers with an ax.

Robin Veith, the Emmy-nominated writer who previously worked on The Act and Mad Men, will pen the pilot script alongside Nick Antosca, who also worked alongside her on the Hulu true-crime series.

As for Moss, in a statement, she said she was excited to work with Veith again after Mad Men. When she was asked if she would be willing to play a Texan housewife who “some would say, got away with murder,” she “simply said, ‘Where do I sign?’”

Moss has sort of made a career out of playing intriguing and somewhat challenging female characters. This year alone she starred in two thrilling films in The Invisible Man and Shirley. It’ll be interesting to see her work in Candy.

When will Elisabeth Moss’s new series air and where?

Currently, Candy does not have a network or streaming service attached to it. The studio is planning to shop it around once the show is completed. I would assume the show is going to become something of a hot commodity thanks to Elisabeth Moss’s involvement.

The actress is a notable star in Hollywood, with several award nominations and critically-acclaimed performances under her belt.

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