Young Justice Season 4: Title & artwork confirmed

Young Justice Season 4 has a title and artwork, as revealed during a panel held at DC FanDome, but details about the plot are still a mystery.

DC fans have plenty to be excited about—Young Justice Season 4 was confirmed during DC FanDome, with a press release outlining more details about the show.

Young Justice Season 4 is entitled Phantoms, according to the announcement panel by executive producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti made during the DC FanDome.

While not shared at the panel, the press release featured the first artwork from the season, which was the logo for Young Justice: Phantoms.

The announcement was made following a cast play of Season 3.9, Episode 1: “The Prize”, which saw Jason Spisak, Khary Payton, Stephanie Lemelin, Nolan North, Denise Boutte, Danica McKellar and Crispin Freeman reprise their multiple roles on the show.

Young Justice Season 4: What Can We Expect?

Photo Credit: Young Justice: Outsiders/DC Universe Image Acquired from Warner Bros. Television

Photo Credit: Young Justice: Outsiders/DC Universe Image Acquired from Warner Bros. Television

Weisman revealed that Young Justice Season 4 will see more arcs for the show’s female characters, who have often been sidelined for the plethora of male characters.

While acknowledging that the Justice League isn’t the focus of the show, Weisman said fans should expect to see more of Denise Boutte’s Rocket/Raquel Ervin. He didn’t mention which of the female Outsiders will be getting the limelight, however.

During the cast play, which saw the Outsiders and the Justice League take on Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad, Clayface was introduced as a contender to join the team—and we could see more of that character in Young Justice Season 4.

The play also saw Kaldur’ahm/Aquaman confront his father, Black Manta. By the end of the play, Arsenal was rejoining the team, after being asked by his friend, Artemis, now the leader of the Outsiders.

The script revealed that Dick Grayson/Nightwing is on a mission of his own, and that Megan Morse/Miss Martian and Connor Kent/Superboy will be leaving the team for a life together.

According to Weisman, because of the current lockdowns, very little progress has been made on Young Justice Season 4.

He did mention that the crew was inching forward with script-writing, storyboards, and design work while working remotely, with solo recording sessions being done from people’s homes.

There are no details as to when the next season will be available, or where. Currently, the first three seasons of Young Justice are streaming on DC Universe, but most of the other DC Universe shows like Doom Patrol and Titans are moving to HBO Max.

Will that be the case for Young Justice Season 4? Fans will have a long wait to find out. But wherever the show streams and whenever that happens, another exciting installment awaits eager fans.

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Young Justice Season 4 has yet to be given a streaming date.