‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ recap: Episode 7 ‘Truth or Dare’

In Episode 7 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the group fills up at a CRM fuel stash, and one member of the group faces their tragic past.

Episode 7 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond opens with a sneak peek of Huck’s flashbacks as she wakes up and starts a new day. She gathers new boots and a Marine pin from an empty before the group picks her up.

Huck gives Silas the boots while Elton is amazed by Percy’s uncle Tony’s magic tricks. After Huck gives Felix a bottle of Mountain Dew, they look at a Civic Republic Map. By using colored lenses, they can see oil drops: the locations of hidden CRM fuel stashes.

While Tony is all for continuing to help the group to their destination, the group does not have a specific destination other than New York. But they are in luck. Iris notices a double helix symbol on the map that Elizabeth Kublek had given her earlier in the season, and the group deduces this has to be where Iris and Hope’s father is.

Iris, Hope, Elton, Silas and Percy celebrate by playing Truth or Dare while drinking. Silas, however, refrains from drinking. The group has fun as Iris shares how much she would love to go to the Louvre Museum until Percy asks Hope what was the worst thing she had ever done.

Hope admits to a prank she pulled at the school; however, he doesn’t buy it. Frustrated, she leaves and sends Elton away when he tries to console her. Hope comes across Huck keeping watch and reveals in tears how she killed Elton’s mom. The next day the group arrives at the fuel stash location as Felix, Tony, Huck, Hope, Iris, and Percy go in while Silas and Elton wait by the truck.

While inside searching for the fuel, Huck advises Hope not to tell Elton the truth and suddenly loses sight of her. She finds Hope held at gunpoint by a man already bitten by an empty. Huck, while remaining calm, is able to get the man to back down and kills him. Hope is devastated as Huck had promised she could help save the man.

Before the group leaves with the fuel, Tony finds a codebook. As the group arrives at a hotel to rest, Tony and Percy admit that they want to stay with them. Percy asks Iris to meet him at the truck in an hour with Silas overhearing closeby.

Trying to cheer Hope up, Elton performs a magic trick. Hope tells Huck that she will not tell Elton the truth, and Huck assures her that she will be ok over time. Iris arrives at the truck to find the inside designed to look like the Lourve with everyday items and images cut from books. When Iris realizes that Percy has not arrived, she goes looking for him and instead finds Tony bludgeoned to death by Silas’s wrench.

The group finds Silas passed out nearby, and the episode closes.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 7 recap: Huck’s Flashbacks

Huck’s flashbacks were tragic, dark, and dived into how one decision changes the course of so many lives. Huck was a Marine named Jennifer who is sent with her team to kill hostiles and escort civilians to safety. Trouble is the threat they are about to face are empties as the apocalypse was just beginning.

Huck and her team are able to save a group of people, learning that shots to the empties heads kill them. Thanks to infrared, they are able to learn that people give off extremely hot signatures while the empties do not. The successful mission is short-lived as the next order is to kill civilians and hostiles. Assumably since the cause of the infection is unknown, no one knows who is or could be infected.

If they do not obey, there will be severe consequences. The flashbacks hinted that there was a time when Huck was troubled by an earlier mission that still haunted her. She decides to ignore the order and instead killed the entire team. She leaves and cuts her cheek as a reminder of what she had done.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 7 recap: Final Thoughts

Huck may know better than anyone in that group what it is like to do something they regret and find ways to cope. Without revealing her past to Hope, she could still connect with her, which was very heartwarming to witness.

While I’m relieved Hope was able to confess to what she did to Huck, I’m curious if Elton will eventually find out. However, that may be the least of their problems with Tony dead, and all the evidence is pointing towards Silas.

At the end of the episode, the cliffhanger was most unexpected and left viewers with a lot of questions.

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The next episode of The Walking Dead: World Beyond will air on Nov. 22 on AMC.