Firefly Lane: Jenna Rosenow reveals if she would return as Kimber in Season 2


Meet your favorite new love-to-hate-her mean girl, Kimber Watts, one of the main antagonists of Netflix’s latest hit show, Firefly Lane! Played by Australian star Jenna Rosenow, Kimber gives Kate and Tully a lot of trouble throughout the show’s first season.

Even though Kimber is kind of awful, it’s hard to totally dislike her when the actress playing her is so charming and fun to watch on-screen! We had the chance to chat with Jenna about everything from her experience working with stars Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke to her upcoming role in the Peacock TV series, One of Us is Lying.

Firefly Lane is actually Jenna’s first recurring role on an American television show. You might have recognized her from the long-running Aussie soap opera Neighbours, where she played Amber Turner from 2013 to 2016. More recently, she appeared as Jane Austen in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Stacey in the BH90210 revival on Fox.

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Caution: The following interview contains some mild spoilers for Firefly Lane Season 1.

We don’t yet know if Firefly Lane will return for another season, but if you haven’t watched the series yet, you should definitely check it out ASAP!

Show Snob: I read an article that said Firefly Lane was your first recurring role on an American television show. Can you talk about how you got cast and what the overall experience was like?

Absolutely. Pretty standard audition process. I remember getting a script, and as soon as I read it I was like, “this is amazing, I want to be a part of this.” I just had a really good feeling about the script. I thought, “this is going to be a really good show and I want to get this one!”

I went into the audition, and it went really well. I was a bit scared at first because the character sides said she’s the “epitome of 2000s style.” So I went full-out and dressed fully 2000s, kind of Paris Hilton vibes. When I got there, everyone else in the waiting room was in, like, business suits and dressed completely different from me, and I was like, “oh, I might have messed up here!” But it turned out okay!

Show Snob: I’m sure that helped you stand out!

Probably. I think the outfit I had on was definitely a standout, maybe not for the right reasons. [Laughs]

Show Snob: Speaking of the early 2000s, do you remember any of the fads or fashion trends that you were into back then? Are there any that you would want to see make a comeback?

That is a tough one. There are a lot of fashion trends from the past that I would love to see come back. I’m not sure many things — if anything — from the early 2000s should make a comeback. There are a lot of things that should just stay back there, [Laughs] and probably shouldn’t have even been back there in the first place. We’ve got to live with that.

Show Snob: What was it like for you to work with Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl?

They’re both incredible women on-screen and off-screen. I had an absolute blast working with them. I’ve been a fan of them both for quite a long time, so I was very excited at the opportunity to work with them.

Show Snob: How did you feel about playing the antagonistic role against their characters?

I loved that. I feel like my character is definitely one of the main villains in the show. That’s such a fun role to play and I loved getting the opportunity to do that. [Kimber] is such a dynamic character.

Read on to find out if Jenna would return for Firefly Lane Season 2 and more!

Firefly Lane

Show Snob: Should the show get renewed, would you like to see Kimber return? I know I personally would like to see a confrontation between her and Tully post-article.

Oh absolutely. I would love to come back for a second season. I think there is a lot they could do with the storyline there, really put Kimber in her place.

Show Snob: I was surprised we didn’t get to see her and Tully together again after the article came out. 

Yeah, I feel like that might have been done on purpose, leaving it very open to see what’s going to happen there, a nice little teaser to end on.

Show Snob: Kimber had so many hilarious lines. How do you keep a straight face talking about her dog’s anal glands?

Oh my god. [Laughs] That scene, in particular, was a hard one. So the director we were working with on those episodes, Peter O’Fallon, likes to work in a way that he’ll call action, and then he’ll see something in a scene that he wants to go back and revisit. So he won’t call cut, he’ll just be like, “go back two lines, take it back three lines, go from here, go from there,”  and you just sort of jump in and keep going.

When we got to this part in the scene, he was like, “okay we’ve got it the way it was written, let’s just play with it now.” So whatever comes out, improvise and say whatever. I think the line they actually put in wasn’t the one they had originally written. It was hard to keep a straight face on that one. Sarah and I were both losing it a little bit laughing. But that’s understandable.

Show Snob: You guys got to improv back and forth?

Yes, which was super fun!

Firefly Lane
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Show Snob: A lot of people have been praising Firefly Lane as this great dose of escapism, especially amid the pandemic and lockdown. Have you picked up any new shows or hobbies during this last year?

What have I been doing this past year? Yes, I definitely agree with people on the fact that Firefly Lane is the perfect escape. It’s a really beautiful story about best friends and such a nice escape, something that has nothing to do with the pandemic. What have I been doing? I’ve been cooking a lot, I’ve made a lot of homemade pasta. I taught myself how to knit, so I’ve been knitting a little bit.

And yes, watching a lot of Netflix, a lot of shows! I finally got onto watching After Life, Ricky Gervais’s show, and it’s incredible. I highly recommend that to anyone looking for something to watch. Although based on the people I’ve spoken to, it sounds like nearly everyone has completed Netflix at this point in the pandemic.

Show Snob: To wrap things up, I was looking ahead and saw you were set to star in the upcoming series One of Us is Lying for Peacock TV? Can you tease anything about that?

I can’t tease a lot on that. We filmed the pilot on that one a while ago, and it did get picked up to series, which is really exciting. But due to COVID, everything has kind of been held up, so we’re not quite sure when exactly we’re going to be moving forward on that one.

But it’s another one that I’m really excited about. I remember getting the audition for that and realizing it was based on a novel, a YA novel. I looked it up and saw someone had written a review about the book and had said it was a cross between The Breakfast Club and Pretty Little Liars and I was like, wow that is a very cool vibe, I like that a lot, and am definitely keen to see where this goes!

Show Snob: You’ve done a couple of projects based on novels now, are you big a reader?

Jenna Rosenow: I am, I am! I definitely used to be a lot more when I was younger. It’s funny you’d think I’d been reading a lot more lately because there’s nothing else to do, but I’ve actually not been reading a ton lately, but I do love to!

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Catch Jenna starring as Kate’s nightmare boss Kimber in Firefly Lane, which is streaming right now on Netflix!