Bridgerton season 3 episode 2 rushes the story along, but is deliciously scandalous (Review)

The second episode of the Regency-era Netflix hit brought with it the first scandal of the season, plus a long-awaited kiss!
Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024
Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024 /

Time for another Bridgerton season 3 review, gentle readers! We're taking a look at episode 2, "How Bright the Moon." As a reminder, Part 1 of the season, aka the first four episodes, were released on May 16, 2024, with the final four coming to Netflix on June 13.

The second episode felt a bit rushed when it comes to certain parts of the story, but it's also deliciously scandalous towards the end. And that's exactly what we like to see! Here's what happened in season 3 episode 2, and what I thought about it.


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The rushed lessons

Picking up from the agreement Penelope and Colin come to at the end of the premiere episode, the duo jump right into their lessons. Well, if you want to call them that if I'm being honest. First, Colin asks to see what skills Penelope has. She's dorky in the most endearing way, but this doesn't impress any of the gentlemen. We, as well as Colin, know how amusing and charming she can be. But Penelope just lets her nerves get the best of her.

We get two great moments at the Bridgerton house with the couple - and that's Penelope talking about Colin's blue eyes as if he was a suitor. Then when he catches her reading his journal, he tries to take it away and a glass lantern shatters. She bandages his cut hand, and this is the second romantically charged moment within just a few minutes. The sparks are sparking, guys! Side note - I like that the two have writing in common. Though of course Colin doesn't know Penelope's Lady Whistledown secret.

I mean, I guess we see the lessons a bit, but it's not as much as I was expecting and the way the season was being promoted. I thought they'd spend more time together actually doing lessons rather than just talking. Do you know what I mean? Though this is supposed to bring them closer I guess. Compared to Daphne and Simon for example, Penelope and Colin are already childhood friends and the relationship doesn't need to be built. It's already there. But this is the first time we're actually seeing them spend a lot of time together versus the previous two seasons. In my mind, I was expecting the lessons to last longer to help bring them even closer during a number of episodes.

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How deliciously scandalous

Instead, it's all done and over in less than an episode. The fact that Penelope asked for Colin's help in finding a suitor and they've been working together is already exposed. Surprisingly, it's not by Cressida Cowper. But Eloise really was pretty irresponsibly loud when she was telling her new friend about the arrangement. The other ladies in their group heard this new piece of gossip, and of course it had to be spread around right then and there. This why this part of the story felt rushed to me. Penelope and Colin literally just started their lessons, and now it's out there and we're probably moving on from this storyline.

It's a shame for Penelope as she's emotionally put through the wringer, but I do have to admit that it's a good piece of gossip. Wouldn't you agree? Things get even more scandalous when Colin comes to check on his friend later that night. It's the moment we've been waiting for, guys! Feeling at her lowest and sure that her prospects are now ruined, Penelope asks Colin if he would kiss her. She wants to know what it feels like, even if it's just once. He agrees after a cute back and forth between the two, and oh wow what a moment! It was everything I would have wanted to see when it comes to a first kiss between these two characters. And clearly, it's taken Colin by surprise. Let the romance begin!

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The rest of the ton

Elsewhere, I do have to give a shoutout to the Featheringtons. They always manage to crack me up, and this season so far is no different. Portia is desperate for Prudence or Philippa to get pregnant and hopefully have a son because they need the estate to stay in their family. She asks how often they're intimate with their husbands, and it turns out that Philippa isn't actually doing what she's supposed to be doing. Mr. Finch's pants remain on. And Prudence has only lain with her husband once. "Why must I be punished over and over?" Portia asks herself. If it came to grading her comedy, she gets an A+ from every time.

Francesca Bridgerton is a middle between Daphne and Eloise. Like her eldest sister, she' open and willing to find a husband this season but isn't as forthcoming with her mother about what she's thinking. Francesca isn't totally against marriage like Eloise, but is also willing to take an "easy" match instead of trying to find a big love like her two older siblings. Plus, I'm curious to see where things go between Benedict and Lady Tilley Arnold. But Violet is not having it, and appreciates Lady Danbury's manipulation of getting Queen Charlotte to find her favorite of the season.

Plus in keeping with more inclusivity that we saw in episode 1, Bridgerton also introduced a Lord Remington who Penelope was speaking with. He's in an 1800s-made wheelchair, and it was really cool to see. Finally, Queen Charlotte mentions that she hears Kate's sister Edwina has made a "splendid match abroad." Good for her! I wonder if we'll get any other updates about Kate's younger sister.

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Grade Bridgerton season 3 episode 2

Overall, I really did enjoy the episode and how it moved certain parts of the story forward. I feel like this season really is not wasting any time, getting right into things. Though parts of the story, like the lessons and the reveal of that to the ton, did feel a bit rushed to me. We needed to take some more time because now we're just going to be moving on from this part of the story. And the whole point was for Penelope and Colin to start spending even more time together during these lessons to grow even closer. Was it not?

I did enjoy the drama that comes with this reveal though, in typical Bridgerton fashion. If there's anything the series knows how to do, it's definitely that. And honestly, I was not expecting for Penelope and Colin to kiss so early! Episode 2 grade level: B. Come back tomorrow where we'll be taking a deep dive into our thoughts about the third episode. See you then!

Bridgerton season 3 episode 2 grade. B. "The episode moves certain parts of the story forward, but other aspects like Penelope and Colin's lessons revealed to the ton did feel a bit rushed. I did enjoy the drama that comes with this reveal though.". Aysha - Show Snob. Bridgerton season 3 episode 2 review

The first four episodes of Bridgerton season 3 are now streaming on Netflix.

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