Bridgerton season 3 episode 3 review: Lord Debling puts Colin to shame (sorry!); new characters make me wary

The episode moves Penelope and Colin's story along quite nicely, but the introduction of so many new characters has the potential to take away from the main story.
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Welcome back, dearest readers. It's time for another review of our favorite show. Bridgeton season 3 has been an enjoyable and great watch so far, with some minor hiccups. But that's ok. Not every episode is going to be perfect. While there were parts of episode 2 that didn't work in my opinion, episode 3, "Forces of Nature," was much better. Ready for the review? Here's what I thought about Bridgerton season 3 episode 3.


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Lord Debling may be a better match for Penelope

The episode starts off a week later after the steamy kiss and scandal about Penelope and Colin working together to find her a suitor. Of course Whistledown had to write about it, or else it would have looked suspicious. Colin is dreaming about Penelope and that kiss, and you can tell it's definitely getting to him. Oh yeah. The strong feelings are certainly kicking in! Elose visits her former best friend, admitting it was her fault that her secret was revealed. Though it wasn't done on purpose.

You can clearly see how much the two friends miss each other. And though they didn't make up, the talk gives Penelope the push she needs to come out of hiding and cements her determination to find a husband. Side note - Penelope continues to look fabulous, but can we talk about Eloise's glow up too? I'm loving her outfits this season! Anyway, Penelope is done hiding from the ton and attends a Hot Air Balloon event. I will say, I like how the creativity and inclusion of different art forms and inventions keeps getting bigger and more impressive each season.

Penelope and Colin speak to each other for the first time since their late-night kiss, and the interaction is so funny and awkward in the cutest way. She recommends they stop the lessons, and he goes along with it. See what I meant in my episode 2 review? This plot line is just poof, gone too soon. Penelope has come to an important realization though. Being at her lowest has made stop caring what society thinks. Yes, you go girl. Be yourself! At first she doesn't take her own advice when she and Cressida Cowper are both vying for Lord Debling's attention. But she does eventually become honest with have, sparking a genuine connection.

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But more on that in a bit. First we need to talk about how a simple event became so dramatic. As always, it's what I like to see! The hot air balloon almost hit Penelope! Thank you, Colin for being the hero. Phew! Though Lord Debling is a hero himself, jumping over her to protect Penelope. What a gentleman. Alright, let's get to the best part and that's Penelope and Lord Debling's connection, and Colin's obvious jealousy. This guy has unknowingly broken Penelope's heart so many times. It's his turn to sweat a little.

I might take my words back, but so far I actually don't mind Penelope an Lord Debling. Don't worry, I do still ship her with Colin. But Lord Debling really isn't a bad option at all. And at least he knows what he wants. Clearly the lessons have worked, but it's not just that. Penelope has started to tap into her inner strength and gained more confidence in herself. And that's the biggest accomplishment she can achieve.

While the two are talking, Colin can't take his eyes off of her. And he has a great moment with his mom, Violet, asking how someone could know whether a friendship can turn to love. His mother is very smart and knows who he's talking about. I mean Colin also makes it pretty obvious as he looks at Penelope. And when she gets on that dance floor, it's clear as day. Colin has feelings for his friends. There's no other explanation to the warirng thoughts in his head.

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So many new characters join the Bridgerton world

Three new characters were introduced in this episode: Lord Marcus Anderson, Lady Danbury's brother who she's not excited to have visiting; the outspoken Lady Tilley Arnold who immediately gets Benedict's attention; and John Stirling Earl of Kilmartin. The exchange between Francesca and John was somehow the funniest but also most romantic and endearing moment a couple could have. It seems like the show is laying foundations for a couple of other storylines to come. Did anyone else feel that romantic spark between Marcus and Violet? Plus, is Benedict finally going to find the woman he settles down with?

As I mentioned in my episode 1 review, there's a bit too much happening in the story overall this season. It's expanded to many characters. Which don't get me wrong, is nice to see. But again, I do hope the focus remains on Penelope and Colin and their story doesn't get lost in the shuffle. It seems like season 3 is trying to introduce many new love interests and stories for other characters, and is ambitious in trying to fit it all in. Plus I'm sorry to Alice and Will, I have nothing against them and actually like the characters. But do I really care about their storyline? Not really. I'm trying to figure out what the whole point of it is, and how it fits into the grander plot. This season is about Penelope and Colin. Hopefully, the show doesn't forget that.

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Grading season 3 episode 3

The third episode of Bridgerton season 3 was one I could appreciate more than the previous one. It moves Penelope and Colin's story along quite nicely (re: Colin's jealousy!), provides an exciting and thrilling moment with the hot air balloon that almost turned into a fiasco, and many new characters are introduced. This part does make me wary, but I'm going to keep an open mind to see where the rest of the season goes. Episode 3 grade level: A.

Be sure to come back to Show Snob tomorrow as we review the fourth episode, which is the end of Part 1. The final four episodes of season 3 will drop Thursday, June 13, 2024 on Netflix. What do you think about the season so far? See you gentle readers tomorrow!

"Episode 3 moves Penelope and Colin's story along quite nicely, provides an exciting moment with the hot air balloon, and many new characters are introduced. This makes me wary, but I'll keep an open mind.". Aysha - Show Snob. Bridgerton season 3 episode 3 review. Bridgerton season 3 episode 3 grade. A

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