Dark Matter on Apple TV+: 7 loose ends and questions that we still have

With the finale now streaming and the story coming to a close, not everything was wrapped up in a neat little bow. Here's some of the questions we still have.
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Based on how the book of the same name by author Blake Crouch, (who's creator and writer of the series) comes to an end, I don't think there's going to be a season 2 of Dark Matter. And so with that in mind, that does mean there's some plot lines in the finale that have been left a bit open-ended and didn't get a complete resolution. What are they?

The biggest one is where are Jason, Daniela, and Charlie going to end up? Because of the hundreds of Jasons that have seeped into their world based on the decisions Jason made in the Box, the family has to leave for their safety. It's a difficult decision leaving their whole life behind, but at the end of the day what's important is that they can stick together. What's heartwarming is that this whole time we've seen how hard Jason has been trying to get back to his family. And with Daniela and Charlie coming with him, they prove they're just as committed to Jason.

Jennifer Connelly as Daniela in Dark Matter on Apple TV+.
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They get into the Box to find another reality to live in, and walk through a door. But we don't see where that is exactly. What does this world look like? The show ends there! Plus, how are all these Jasons just going to exist in the reality they left behind? Won't anyone start catching on? There's way too many of them. Those are definitely some of the biggest loose ends and questions we're left with, but there's a few more:

  • What reality do Jason, Daniela and Charlie end up in?
  • How do they rebuild their life if they go to another world where they all already exist?
  • What will happen to all the other Jasons?
  • If multiple Jasons were created based on Jason's choices, why didn't multiple Jason2's appear too?
  • Why didn't Jason2 get the punishment he deserved?
  • What happened to Ryan1? Why was some Ryan looking for Amanda?
  • Is Leighton forever going to be stuck in the Box, does he ever choose a reality, or does he die?
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The two biggest questions I have are, why didn't Jason2 get the punishment he deserved and, is Leighton forever going to be stuck in the Box or does he ever choose a reality? I guess you can argue that Jason2's biggest punishment is knowing he'll never be with Daniela and Charlie, and live a lonely existence now.

But I don't know. After everything he did, I think he deserved a more severe punishment. And actually in the book, he does get what he deserves. In a fight between Jason and Jason2, the OG Jason ends up killing the latter in self defense. Sorry, but he deserved it. So it's a bit frustrating that didn't happen in the Apple TV+ series.

Plus, what about Leighton that's part of Jason2's world? I'm not a fan of his at all. But we don't see what happens to him. Does he keep wandering the Box, does he find a reality, or does he run out of ampules and die? There's so many questions. And I'm the type of person who likes answers. So the unknowns are going to keep me up at night for a while!

All nine episodes of Dark Matter are now streaming on Apple TV+.

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