Penelope and Colin mostly apart in Bridgerton season 3 episode 4, but that carriage scene makes up for it! (Review)

I wasn't a fan of the season's leading couple being apart for the majority of the episode, but it does pay off to wait in those final moments.
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Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024 /

It's so sad that we've reached the end of Bridgerton season 3 Part 1. Four episodes are not enough! We'll have to wait a few weeks until June 13 for Netflix to add the finale four episodes of the season. It's going to be hard to wait, but we can do it. So let's jump into the final episode of this first half of season 3!

Bridgerton season 3 episode 4, "Old Friends" is an interesting title given to the installment as Colin and Penelope actually don't interact for most of the episode. That is until that steamy ending! I am still fanning myself. Here's what happened in the episode, and what I thought about it.


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Not a match made in heaven

In my episode 3 review, I was praising Lord Debling and really thought he would be a good choice for Penelope. But now, I've changed my mind. He's looking for a practical match rather than a love match since so much of his work and research takes him away for long periods of time. At first, Penelope is doesn't mind this. She does have her Lady Whistledown business to attend to after all. However the longer she thinks about it, the more she starts to second guess whether she'd be happy accepting a proposal with a man who may not grow to love her one day.

At her core, Penelope loves love and wants a romance of her own. I'm pretty disappointed with this. The show basically undermined the use of Lord Debling and just brought him in as a device to get Colin jealous. He was created for the series and isn't in the books. I think introducing him, and then again like in episode 2 with the lessons being rushed to quickly get rid of him just doesn't make sense in the story. He shouldn't have been brought in in the first place. Yes, this does get Colin desperate and moving, leading to the carriage scene (which we'll talk about in a moment). But I don't know. Now the character of Lord Debling just seemed unncessary.

Showrunner Jess Brownwell talked about us liking him and thinking he might be better. But honestly with this move, I don't even really care anymore. Alright, let's forget about Lord Debling right now because there's something much more important. Penelope and Colin. Again, I feel like this was a bit rushed but whatever at this point. I'll take it. Colin waltzes in and interrupts Penelope and Lord Debling's dance, though she was going to accept a practical match. But Lord Debling breaks it off seeing that she and Colin do have feelings for each other.

The carriage scene

Come on, Colin. It took you two seasons to see it when Lord Debling noticed it in five seconds. Penelope is rightfully angry and storms out, getting in her carriage. But Colin's not going to let her go this time. He's ready to admit his feelings. Feelings he's been experiencing for weeks now that are driving him crazy. Penelope can't believe it at first. After all, this is all she's dreamed of ever hearing from him. But, like us, she's moved by his declaration and beautiful words. And she definitely wants to be more than friends!

We get a very passionate makeout session that the actors have been teasing us with. And they were not kidding! There's kissing, groping, and ahem, more touching that seems difficult to do in a tiny space. But really, these two are not paying any heed to anything around them. Including when they pull up to the Bridgerton house. I love the lighthearted moment when Colin says, "Could the carriage driver not keep on driving?" and the couple breaks out into laughter. They're actually really cute.

Finally, while Penelope didn't get a proposal from Lord Debling though it was on the verge of happening, she does still end up getting her proposal that night. From Colin Bridgerton! "For God's sake Penelope Featherington, are you going to marry me or not?" And... cut to black! What a cruel cliffhanger to leave us with. But I was expecting nothing less. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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The rest of the ton

Lord Stirling shows up to call on Francesca, and she's more than happy to see him. Just like her, he's more reserved and quiet. And that's what she likes about him. Sometimes, yes. It's good to have someone who will bring you out of your shell. But it's also nice to have a partner who understands you and your personality. And I think Francesca has found that. Though for some reason I can't understand, Violet is not thrilled with this match. She's usually very supportive, and her daughter is clearly happy. So what's the problem?

Elsewhere, Benedict and Tilley sleep together. No surprise there. Also, Will is not so subtly being encouraged ot give up the club now that he's part of high society. I actually feel bad for Cressida. I never thought I'd say that. But she truly has a horrendous father. Also, shoutout to Queen Charlotte's wigs! They keep getitng bigger and more intricate. Never though I'd see a moving center piece in a wig until Bridgerton.

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Grading Bridgerton season 3 episode 4

I wish there was some more Penelope and Colin in this episode, though I understand where the writers were going. Obviously we had the big steamy and romantic reveal at the end. But, still. It felt weird to not have them interact for the majority of the episode. Instead, we focused on a lot of the other characters and their stories were moved forward as well.

I don't have anything against Francesca, though I don't really know why the series is trying to combine two love stories this season. Like I said in my episode 3 review, the focus should be Penelope and Colin. And that especially is true when it comes to their love story. For these reasons, the episode ranks a bit lower for me. Episode 4 grade level: B.

Bridgerton season 3 episode 4 review grade. B. "The lack of Penelope and Colin together in the episode was disappointing, but the carriage scene and proposal at the end make up for it.". Aysha - Show Snob. Bridgerton season 3 episode 4 review

Brigerton season 3 Part 1 is now streaming. The final four episodes drop Thursday, June 13 on Netflix.

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