Who should the next final, final girl be in a potential Pretty Little Liars season 3?

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Right now we don't know if a Pretty Little Liars season 3 is going to happen on Max, and honestly I don't think it's necessary either. You can see my in-depth thoughts as to why I think that here. Though if the streamer does decide to bring the series back for another season, there's something interesting to consider. And that's who might be the next final, final girl. And who even should be.

As we saw in Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, each of the girls got a Final Girl Test from Bloody Rose - aka Chip's mom Mrs. Langsberry - and Wes who was the mastermind behind it all in a failed effort to make a great movie and be recognized as a successful filmmaker. What a failure. Anyway, Imogen, Noa, Faran, Mouse, and Tabby each were tested in a different way. Though it was Tabby who was the final, final girl in the last episode of the season. Meaning the last one to face the villain just like any good horror movie.

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The first season was very much focused on Imogen, and season 2 really felt like Tabby was the central character in a way. And that's why we saw Imogen being the last one to confront Archie in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, and Tabby being the last of the group to get her Final Girl Test. And our intuition isn't wrong! Co-creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed this. And the creative team has ideas for more. Here's what he told Entertainment Weekly:

"We love the show. We think we're just getting started. We're so hopeful for a season 3. I think in our minds, the same way that in season 1 Imogen was the final girl at the end, the way that Tabby was the final girl at the end of season 2 — our dream scenario would be that the show runs five seasons so that each of the PLLs gets one last episode where they're the ultimate, final, final girl. So we're very hopeful and have had a lot of conversations. So we're ready, but living in the moment."

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Obviously with Imogen and Tabby getting their final girl moments, that leaves us with Noa, Faran, and Mouse. So who should be next? If I could pick, I would say Faran. To be honest, this season Noa's character and storyline weren't great for me. I don't like that she cheated on Shawn, who was a great boyfriend, and her whole storyline was revolved around the love triangle. There's so much more to the character so this was disappointing. And Mouse. Oh. She's my least favorite of the little liars, sorry not sorry. Her obsessive Internet rabbit holes are too much and she clearly doesn't learn from her mistakes.

And in PLL: Summer School, Faran was one of the girls that really stood out to me and I think she had an interesting story and actually walked away learning something. This whole season was about Faran finding physical strength, and she does so successfully. But she has to learn that even she has limits, and she doesn't have to push herself so far in order to prove something. Other than Imogen and Tabby, I think Faran is the most interesting one at the moment and I'd love to see a season and final, final girl moment revolved around her. What do you think?

All eight episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School are now streaming on Max.

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