We finally know who Bloody Rose (and her accomplice!) is in PLL: Summer School, but the reveal isn't surprising

Ready for all the answers? They might not be as shocking as we hoped.
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Well, the final episode of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is here and we finally have all the answers to the biggest question we've been asking all season - who is Bloody Rose? As expected, the show tried to throw us off with telling us that Davie, Imogen's mom, is the one under all the gauze. But of course, this was a trick. So who is it? SPOILERS from episode 8 below.

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The real Bloody Rose is Mrs. Langsberry, aka Chip's mom! Plus, it turns out she wasn't actually working alone which now makes sense. Her accomplice in crime is none other than Wes. Yup, Tabby's former manager and boss at the Orpheum Theater. So what was the motivation behind all of this? Mrs. Langsberry's reasoning is pretty obvious. She's made it known from the start of this season how much hatred she has towards the girls, especially Tabby and Imogen, as she believes her son didn't do what they claim he did. She wanted revenge and a way to clear his name. And she thought Wes could help her do that.

Wes is just a crazy person who thinks he's a good filmmaker but definitely isn't. He built SpookySpaghetti, recruited a bunch of teens from Our Mother of Holy Grace who are actually Bloody Rose's "followers," and came up with this scheme with Mrs. Langsberry all to film a movie of Tabby getting chased and people getting killed live. He thought this was his way of being a great filmmaker and people remembering him for it. I mean, people will remember you dude. But not for being a good director.

Derek Klena as Wes and Chandler Kinney as Tabby in PLL Summer School on Max
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To be honest, I'm a little let down by this reveal when it comes to both Bloody Rose and Wes. I mean, I guess I wasn't expecting Mrs. Langsberry to go this far necessarily. But her being Bloody Rose isn't a big surprise either. We pretty much saw it coming and she was on the list of suspects as we predicted. And, Wes? Again. He's always been a horrible character and I think the extent he's gone to did surprise me. But him being involved, not so much.

In Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, I think the story overall was just more interesting and even the storylines with each of the little liars too. Plus, the biggest shock was finding out that Angela Waters had a twin brother, Archie who becomes "A," and Principal Clanton is their father and was the mastermind behind the whole plan. That really brought the shock value and I didn't see it coming. But this time around, unfortunately Pretty Little Liars: Summer School didn't manage to surprise me.

Though now with Archie Waters out and not actually dead, I'm kind of tired of this villain already. If this version of Pretty Little Liars gets a third season, I personally don't think it's necessary. The loose ends are basically tied up, and I really don't want to sit through another season of Archie terrorizing the girls. What do you think about the reveal?

The full season of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is now streaming on Max.

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