Rachel McAdams role on True Detectice Season 2 revealed?


True Detective’s second season is right around the corner, and it seems that we’re starting to learn more and more about not only the actors involved but also who they will be playing.

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One actress everyone is keeping a close eye on is Rachel McAdams, as it appears she’s going to be cast in the role of the female lead on season two. But while we know who McAdams is, it’s her role that we’re uncertain about. A character outline has been released that details who McAdams would be playing should she land a role in the show.

Per Deadline:

"McAdams would play Ani Bezzerides, described in a circulated breakdown as a tough, no-nonsense Monterey Sheriff who is professional on the job and a drinker and a gambler off work."

It’s an interesting role to consider McAdams for, but then again we’ve never seen her in a role like this in her career before. She could very well pop in the shoes of Ani Bezzerides, and only time will tell if she’s right for the role.

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