Does True Detective need to be barren of laughter?


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is going to begin filming this upcoming month, which means that details and set photos from the production will start to leak left and right.

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No one anticipates that the season will be ruined by the information discovered by those looking to leak the info, but expectations are high. One thing that fans are wondering about is the tone of the show, as it was pondered on Monday afternoon what a ‘less dark’ True Detective could mean for the show.

There’s no indication from Nic Pizzolatto that the series will have a lighter or more comedic tone which is why it’s been so hard to hear the jokes about Vince Vaughn. Yes, he’s in a lot of bad comedies, but yes also the the fact that HBO hired Vuaghn for a reason and it may not be to show up and be funny.

Still, even season one had it’s moments of pure and joyous humor, and the second season could benefit from getting little of that from it’s main cast and from the reactions of the secondary cast.

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