Interview: True Detective Director Cary Fukunaga Talks Difficult Film


Cary Fukunaga was part of what made the first season of True Detective so unforgettable. For season two, however, he has taken a step back to the role of Executive Producer.

His involvement will most likely be minimal, and while that’s a shame, it means that he can concentrate on feature films instead. According to Page Six via an interview with Man of the World, Fukunaga’s new film, Beasts of No Nation, was a difficult one to shoot:

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"“..the most difficult place I’ve ever made a film . . . to the point that to be surprised every day about the stuff that was happening wasn’t surprising.”"

And just in case you were still holding out hope that Fukunaga would find a break in his schedule to do some True Detective work, Page Six also points that Fukunaga will next be tackling an adaptation of It. Yes, the same It that originally turned Tim Curry into an insane killer clown.

We wish him all the best in his future, post-True Detective pursuits, though his presence will be sorely missed.

Via: Page Six

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