How Long Will True Detective Stay Silent?


Depending on who you ask, it’s well-known that True Detective has started production on season two. Casting decisions like Rachel McAdams have made headlines, but most other details are under tight lock and key. We’re at the start of December and, as far as anyone knows, still looking at a January premiere. That means less than two months until True Detective’s second season.

With so little time left HBO’s firm grip on True Detective has been feeling tighter and tighter with each passing day. This is in stark contrast to HBO’s mega-hit, Game of Thrones, which is generally very open about its production. One key difference, of course, is that Game of Throne’s audience is quadruple that of True Detective’s. That leads to a greater demand for details.

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True Detective, as big of a splash as it made, is still in its infancy. And with a single voice driving the creative process, it’s a much more delicate work than Game of Thrones. It also doesn’t help that said single voice, creator Nic Pizzolatto, is a more generally more private than Game of Thrones‘ David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

Game of Thrones recently introduced new viral marketing for its upcoming fifth season. The lore and drama of True Detective could also lend itself to this type of marketing, but nothing has popped up yet. True Detective, though dark and violent, is a quiet series, and it doesn’t lend itself to a loud ad campaign.

The approach, whenever HBO sees fit to move forward, should be more nuanced. And party because of that, it’s possible that we’re not going to see any support, ads or otherwise, until the last possible minute. It’s currently in HBO’s best interest to keep True Detective as close to the chest as possible. Topping the first season will be impossible, but the mystery will undoubtedly drive interest.

As frustrating as that may be.

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