True Detective Poll: Were You Satisfied by the Ending?


We’re coming up fast on True Detective’s second season, even if it feels like it’s taken some time to make this much progress. Anyone that has been reading this site for some time will know that the first season’s ending has been a tad divisive. Some people love how simplified it was, and others (like this writer,) were disappointed that it stripped down the many themes and sense of horror that that the series has been working so hard to build.

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Season two brings another chance for a fulfilling True Detective ending. It’s difficult to create in a vacuum, but that’s sort of what creator/writer Nic Pizzolatto has going right now. It’s impossible to please anyone, but perhaps the ending to True Detective’s second season will resonate with more people. But enough with looking ahead, let’s look back!

How did you feel about the ending to True Detective’s first season?

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