True Detective’s Alexandra Daddario Featured in GQ


The main controversy over True Detective comes due to its lack of strong, leading female characters. Part of that comes from Daddario’s character, Lisa Tragnetti, Marty Hart’s girlfriend. Daddario has in the past come out against this misogynist claim, but that’s netter here nor there.

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One particular scene filmed with Woody Harrelson in True Detective’s first season was enough to get her on GQ’s “The Year in Hotness” list. We won’t spoil which exact scene, but it’s not too difficult to figure out.

Daddario gave GQ a short interview, and included her own thoughts on that scene:

"“We live in an age of complete access to pornography at all times. An age of Gorilla- glassed portals, in each of our pockets, to German grannies dot-com. And yet what set the nation on fire last January? A topless scene starring a woman who wasn’t even really famous. At least not until that moment.”"

Daddario’s point is one worth considering. But we don’t suggest actually trying that granny site.

Via: GQ

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