Report: Dexter’s C.S. Lee Joins True Detective


And just when we thought we had the entire cast figured out. True Detective apparently isn’t quite finished growing its season two cast yet. Dexter’s C.S. Lewis will reportedly play Richard Geldof, a state Attorney General. The Hollywood Reporter described the character as “…well, spoken, intelligent, with an unmoored moral compass.”

Sounds like the perfect fit for a Dexter alum.

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It wasn’t too long ago that True Detective finally got around to casting its fourth lead, Rachel McAdams. True Detective’s second season will supposedly premiere some time in January, but it’s not clear at this point whether it will make it or not. HBO has yet to announce an official date.

In fact, there are number of details about True Detective’s second outing that are still unknown, including the names of the other directors and what’s to become of the score. The fact that True Detective is still casting at this point is both exciting and troublesome; it’s great to see new names and faces, but it also makes it feel like the production may not have all pieces in place just yet.

Dexter was a very popular series, even if there were many people dissatisfied with the ending. It’s possible that Lewis’ name will help bring those fans over to True Detective.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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