Critics Rank True Detective on Year’s Best List at HitFix


Blogs and publications are starting to write-up their best-of lists for 2014, and it’s no surprise that True Detective is once again in the spotlight. HitFix tasked various television critics with ranking the year’s best series and then an average was taken and a list assembled.

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True Detective ranks number five on HitFix’s list, in-between The Americans and Amazon’s smash hit Transparent. Unlike the earlier Vulture list, this particular list contains Fargo, and it’s at number one.

HitFix’s ranked list only contains a short synopsis in lieu of a short review, but that can be difficult to assemble when your polling from so many critics.

True Detective is expected to appear on many year-end lists as it ends the year on a high-note. We’ll seen be going into True Detective’s second seasons, so this is a nice way to wave goodbye to what got us here. For those curious, other ranked series include Broad City, Orange is the new Black, and Louie, making for a very different list than Vulture’s.

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