The Guardian Lists True Detective On Best-of List


As various publications begin to assemble their year-end lists for the best TV of 2014, True Detective has appeared on a number of them. And even in one unique case, made a list but didn’t win the reader’s poll. Now The Guardian has thrown their own list into the ring, and True Detective appears at number 7.

The Guardian’s list is on the longer side, including thirty series. With a list that large there is plenty of room for the usual heavy-hitters such as Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Fargo, and even Veep.

 At number 7, True Detective comes in higher than those aforementioned shows. The Guardian has been adding a new series everyday, so we don’t yet know who the winner is.

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It’s a list worth checking out not only to see what they have to say about True Detective, but to take a look at what our friends across the pond are putting on their year-end lists.

The Guardian’s list contains several European shows that the American media have mostly been ignoring on their own lists, such as the fantastic Peaky Blinders.

True Detective has been doing well on these lists so far, even if it hasn’t been dominating them. Hopefully that momentum will translate into wins during the upcoming SAG’s and Golden Globes.

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