True Detective Remembers: True Detective Meets Family Circus


True Detective Remembers takes a look back at the True Detective happenings of yore in case you missed out.

There’s nothing really family friendly about True Detective. No matter how you choose to stretch the boundaries of what is appropriate for family viewing, True Detective doesn’t really fall into that category.

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That’s what make this mashup with Family Circus so delightful. When this appeared last October, we were still deep in True Detective fever. Parodies like this are how you now True Detective has arrived, in case you were still in doubt. Somehow.

Hopefully we’ll see the same quality of spoofs and mashups for True Detective’s second season, but it will be more up to the quality writing to decide if it’s worthy of such tributes.

Until that shakes out at a later date, we still have this brilliant True Detective/Family Circus to look back on.

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