A Fan Inserts the Lera Lynn Song into the True Detective Season Two Opener (Watch)


In case you’re somehow not aware, True Detective season two premiered last Sunday. But we’re here not so much to talk about True Detective‘s reviews or plot, but about that killer opener. The opening for True Detective season two feels right at home next to season one’s, though it does feel a little off due to HBO’s mixed messages.

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The Leonard Cohen song that was chosen fits well, regardless of what some may think. But what about Lera Lynn’s “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For?” The song has taken a weird journey, premiering in the first True Detective season two trailer and then being mentioned again by T. Bone Burnett. YouTube user yeoman’s work has taken things to the next logical step.

HBO put that song front and center in the first trailer for True Detective season two, making fans believe that it would eventually end up as the opener. Perhaps it was never meant to be, or maybe there was a change of plans. We’re happy with how things have turned out, but it’s impossible to say that “The Only One Worth Fighting For” doesn’t fit wonderfully.

The song will eventually appear on a True Detective soundtrack, presumably along with Leonard Cohen’s “Nevermind.” You can take a look at what might have been below. Do you think this should have been the opener for True Detective season two?

Via: Reddit

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