The True Detective Season Two Opener has Subtly Changed


Are True Detective and Nic Pizzolatto trying to get one over on us?

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We’re all aware that the opening song to True Detective season two is “Nevermind” by Leonard Cohen. We happen to feel that the song fits very well, but there are other options out there for those that don’t agree. But between the two episodes of True Detective that have aired so far, something has changed.

The fine folks over at Pop Sugar noticed that the openings of True Detective episodes one and two don’t quite match up. The lyrics of the Leonard Cohen song have been switched. It’s a subtle change, and certainly not one that most people would take note of.

So why change it?

Most of the song is left the same, but the last verse is different. Episode one ends with “I live among you, well disguised” while episode two is switched to “I don’t know which, so never mind.” Interesting stuff.

It could be that True Detective is dynamically changing what parts of the song are heard as the show goes on. We’ll need to check out episode three, which airs this weekend, to see if that’s truly the case. It could just be a fluke, but that would be one weird fluke.

True Detective is filled with hidden meanings, season two perhaps even more than season one. This could be another one of the great True Detective season two mysteries, which are currently starting to pile up. If it song changes again for episode three we’ll know that something is up.

But at this point it might be even stranger if it didn’t change agin. We’ll see.

Thanks to Märcõ Brûn for the tip

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