Poll: How do you feel about Lera Lynn in True Detective?


There have been two episodes of True Detective so far, and that means there has also been two major appearances by Lera Lynn. Lynn, the singer behind the song “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For” that can be heard in the first trailer for True Detective season two, has been featured prominently in True Detective so far considering that she’s not technically an actor in the show.

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Lynn appears in the bar that Ray Velcoro and Frank Semyon meet. Whenever we see her, she debuts a new song. Her cameos usually get a fair amount of attention, and that means her music does as well. Lera Lynn’s music, created with T. Bone Burnett, is meant to bring out more of the noir in True Detective.

But does it work?

We’ve seen around our social media feeds that there is a distinct mixed reaction to Lera Lynn’s “takeover” of True Detective. The first season didn’t feature a music artist in this way. In fact, it didn’t feature music this way at all. This is new ground for True Detective.

That’s where our new poll comes in. How do you feel about Lera Lynn on True Detective? Please take the time to cast your vote. The poll will be open through the long weekend and will close on Monday. We’ll post the results later next week.

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