Vince Vaughn talks about Frank Semyon in new True Detective Interview (Video)


The official True Detective Twitter just sent out a new behind the scenes video. This clip features Vince Vaughn talking about his True Detective character, Frank Semyon. This isn’t the first behind the scenes type video that True Detective has released, but it is a little more in-depth than the first one.

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In the clip, which you can watch below, Vaughn talks about the motivations and relationships that drive Frank. Vaughn describes Frank’s relationship with Jordan as an equal partnership between “people that have gone through real stuff.” We haven’t seen all that much of Jordan, but that does seem to be an accurate description.

One interruption of Frank is that he’s really just a gangster at heart pretending that he’s more of an upright businessman. That facade can be seen unraveling in the preview for True Detective’s fourth episode. Vaughn describes Frank as a “realist” with his own set of values that reflect where he’s come from. According to Vaughn, Frank isn’t out to “exploit the weak.” Except for a scene in the most recent episode in which Frank shakes down an associate, that sounds about right.

Oh, and in case Lera Lynn is getting on your nerves, her music is all over this interview.

Hopefully we’ll see many more of these interview clips with the True Detective cast. True Detective characters are complex and it’s interesting to hear what the actors behind them think.

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